Beginning in the first year, Springfield College education students engage in coursework that is connected to a significant amount of time in fieldwork placements. Students have the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of classrooms in Springfield College partner schools in the city of Springfield. The combination of coursework with hands-on learning allows students to skillfully apply current pedagogical theory in real-world classroom settings.

Springfield College graduates are highly sought after graduation. They teach in public and private preschools, and at the elementary and secondary levels throughout the world. It is not just the preparation that Springfield College students receive that makes them so marketable, it is also the compassion, enthusiasm, and dedication to making a difference in the lives of their students that appeal to school leaders in urban, suburban, and rural school districts.

Program Highlights

Springfield College teacher candidates will:

  • Learn a variety of teaching strategies that enable them to become highly skilled and effective teachers, such as:
    • Student-centered, constructivist teaching
    • How to hook students to keep them fully engaged in each lesson
  • Develop necessary skills to work in collaboration with other professionals in the school, such as:
    • Effective strategies for working with other teachers, paraprofessionals, and school support personnel
  • Gain the knowledge and ability to educate and meet the needs of all students, including:
    • Students with mild and moderate disabilities
    • Students with diverse cultural backgrounds
    • Students in urban, rural, or suburban settings
  • Participate in a variety of community service opportunities and develop the skills necessary to become leaders in service to others, such as:
    • Annual participation in Humanics in Action Day
    • Involvement in a service project led by the Education Club and Kappa Delta Pi (education honor society)

Teacher Preparation Programs

  • Dual Licensure - Elementary (1-6) and Special Education (PreK-8)
  • Early Childhood (PreK-2)
  • Elementary (1-6)
  • Secondary (5-8, 8-12)
    (Choose secondary education to become a teacher in biology, English, history, or mathematics.)
  • Special Education (PreK-8)
  • Visual Arts (PreK-8, 5-12)

Teacher preparation programs offered by the Springfield College Physical Education and Health Education Department:

  • Dual licensure - Health and Physical Education (PreK-12)
  • Physical Education (PreK-8, 5-12)
  • Health Education (PreK-12)

For a complete list of teacher preparation programs and areas of study, click here.


Contact Lawrence Berte, chair of the Springfield College Department of Education, at (413) 748-3356, Linda Davis-Delano, Director, Educator Preparation & Licensure, at (413) 748-3146, or the Office of Admissions at (800) 343-1257.

Springfield College Graduate Working Teachers Program Promotes Excellence in Teaching

The Springfield College Working Teachers Program and Springfield Public Schools have established the S-Cubed program which consists of 23 cohort teachers (the graduate students), 10 on-site coaches, and three program directors. The collaborative effort is designed to ensure that the cohort teachers are given the support they need as they work to showcase their strengths and demonstrate that they are effective teachers. The S-Cubed grant program is a partnership between Springfield College and Springfield Public Schools.

Our graduates strive to "be the teacher they’ll remember."

Springfield College teacher preparation programs are approved by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Teacher Licensure is available within this major, resulting in the opportunity to become state certified. Visit the Office of Educator Preparation and Licensure for details.