Health Promotion Disease Prevention Program Outcomes


Develop a research question based on health education theory, research, and practice

  1. Assess individual and group health and educational needs using primary and secondary sources
  2. Develop effective and efficient intervention strategies to change health behaviors
    • Write goals and objectives
    • Manage program resources: people, fiscal, materials, community
    • Identify and develop data collection and evaluation instruments
  3. Demonstrate information literacy in all facets of health promotion activities
    • Demonstrate the ability to acquire and apply knowledge of scientific literature regarding health promotion content and issues
    • Demonstrate knowledge of theories regarding health behavior change and the application to health promotion activities and programs


  1. Effectively implement health promotion initiatives
    • Demonstrate the effective use of educational and promotional materials
    • Organize and present information in verbal and written formats
    • Demonstrate effective administrative skills in the management of a health promotion program.
    • Demonstrate effective communication skills including interviewing, public speaking, and facilitating group processes, and digital media
    • Promote the effectiveness of health promotion programs through the use of marketing strategies, public relations, and business protocol and awareness
    • Complete investigation of a research question in the field of health promotion
  2. Provide health promotion service activities including consultation for groups, agencies, or businesses.
    • Organize community health promotion programs
    • Demonstrate communication, computer marketing, and public relations skills effectively in a variety of health promotion settings.


  1. Communicate research and evaluation findings to stakeholders and laypeople through written and oral reports
  2. Analyze results and evaluate the short and long-term effectiveness of a behavioral intervention activities
  3. Demonstrate the ability to use program evaluation to enhance program operation