M. Susan Guyer

Professor of Exercise Science and Sport Studies

ESSS Department Chair and Clinical Education Coordinator of Athletic Training
BS, Castleton State College
MS, Old Dominion University
DPE, Springfield College
ATES 106
(413) 748-3404

Courses Taught

  • ATRN 114: Prevention of Illness and Injury
  • ATRN 116: Prevention of Illness and Injury Lab  
  • ATRN 305: Therapeutic interventions I  
  • ATRN 306: Therapeutic Interventions Lab  
  • PHTH 506/507: Clinical Human anatomy  
  • PHTH 508/509: Clinical Human Anatomy Lab  
  • ATRN 284, 285, 384, 385, 484: Clinical Practicum


M. Sue Guyer is a professor in the Department of Exercise Science and Sport Studies and clinical education coordinator of the athletic training program at Springfield College. Since arriving at Springfield College in 2001, Guyer has taught courses in prevention of athletic injuries, research methods and education, athletic injury rehabilitation and therapeutic exercise, and human anatomy. Guyer also is clinically active as the athletic trainer for the women's volleyball team and has maintained both teaching and athletic training roles for her entire career. Prior to Springfield College her experience includes 10 years of athletic health care and a role as program director of the athletic training program at Stetson University in DeLand, Fla.

Currently, Guyer serves as the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) District 1 secretary and the vice president for governance for the NATA Research and Education Foundation (REF). She also has held positions of public relations chair and president of the Athletic Training Association of Massachusetts, the District 1 chair of the NATA REF.

She has been invited to speak internationally on the prevention of athletic injuries and concussions in China and at the European Society of Athletic Training and Therapy Conference in Jerzmanowice, Poland. Guyer also has presented at the Eastern Athletic Trainers' Association and the National Athletic Trainers' Association annual meetings as well as the NATA Educators' Conference on issues relating to teaching and learning. Guyer is a manuscript reviewer for Athletic Therapy Today Journal and the Journal of Athletic Training. In addition to being a certified athletic trainer, Guyer holds specialty certifications in Active Release Techniques for the lower extremity (ART®), Corrective Exercise (NASM-CES), Functional Movement Screening (FMS) and Graston Technique®.


  • Board Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC)
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)  
  • Active Release Techniques for lower extremity (ART)  
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM-CES)  
  • Functional Movement Screening (FMS) Graston Techniques

Recent Presentations

  • "ACL Injuries in Female Athletes Prevention and Rehabilitation", Guyer, MS and Brassard, M. Invited presenter at the Symposium on Girls and Women in Sports, Springfield College, October, 2013.
  • "SQF Model for Clinical Instruction" Barnum, MB, Guyer, MS., Invited presenters at the Biennial Audiology Teaching Conference; The Art and Science  of Clinical Teaching: Across Health Professions. University of Pittsburgh, June 2013.  
  • "Prevention and Management of Common Sports Injuries",  MS Guyer. Presented at East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, China, May 2013.  
  • "Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Techniques for Knee and Shoulder Injuries", MS Guyer, Presented at Guangzhou Sports Technical College, Guangzhou, China, May 2013.  
  • "Post-Surgical Rehabilitation of the Knee", MS Guyer, Presented at Sun Yatsen University, Guangzhou, China May 2013.  
  • "Prevention and Management of Fitness Related Injuries", MS Guyer, Presented at Jinan Public Sports and Fitness Center, Jinan, China, June 2013. Audience size approximate, 700.  
  • "Theory and Application Principles of the Graston Techniques" MS Guyer, Presented at Tianjin University of Sport, Tianjin China, and the 23rd Practical Teaching Forum at the Teaching Experiment Center of Beijing Sport University, Beijing, China, June 2013.  
  • "Concussion Management" Wellness Workshop, Guyer, MS., Invited speaker for the Department of Recreation for students. March 2013.  
  • "Future Directions in Athletic Training: Where Are We Headed?" Round Table Discussion; Brown, SD, Rochester, JA, & Guyer, MS., Exercise Science and Sport Studies Academic Symposium, April, 2013.".

Recent Publications

  • Guyer, M. S. (2011). "Faculty-led short term study abroad".  International Journal of Athletic Therapy and Training, 16(1), 17-20.
  • Barnum, M.G., Guyer, M.S., Levy, L. S., & Graham, C. "The supervision, questioning, feedback model of clinical teaching: A practical Approach". The Athletic Trainer's Pocket Guide to Clinical Teaching, Chapter 9. Slack, Thorofare, NJ. 2009.  
  • Willeford, K.S., Fincher, A.L., Barnum, M.G., Guyer, M.S., Levy, L.S., and Sexton, P.  (2009). "Improving Clinical Education Through Proper Supervision".  Athletic Training Education Journal, 4(1): 6-7.  
  • Levy, L.S., Sexton, P., Willeford, K. S., Barnum, M.G., Gardner, G., & Guyer, M.S. (2009). A Historical Clinical Instructor Characteristics, Behaviors and Skills in Allied Health Care Settings. Athletic Training Education Journal, 4(1): 8-13.  
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  • Barnum, M.G, Guyer, M.S., Levy, L.S., Willeford, K. S., Sexton, P., Gardner, G., & Finsher, A.L. (2009). "Questioning and Feedback in Athletic Training Clinical Education". Athletic Training Education Journal, 4(1): 23-27.  
  • Gardner, G., Sexton, P., Guyer, M.S, Willeford, K.S., Levy, L.S., Barnum, M.B., & Fincher, A.L. (2009). "Clinical Instruction for Professional Practice". Athletic Training Education Journal, 4(1): 28-31."

Professional Memberships

  • NATA
  • CSCS