Challenge your mind and nourish your spirit

Do you want to cover the NBA for a daily newspaper? Are you interested in writing or design work for a magazine? Are you eager to become an editor, a television anchor, the play-by-play voice of your favorite team, or a public relations specialist? Maybe you yearn to teach and share your love of the written word with fifth graders or high school students. Perhaps you want to pursue graduate studies and teach English at the college level.

Follow your heart to the Department of Humanities at Springfield College, where we will put you on-track to pursue the job of your dreams. We offer thriving majors in Communications/Sports Journalism and English that will challenge your mind and nourish your spirit.

Author Doc Hendley, whose book Wine To Water was the common reader for all incoming students this academic year, visited with several of those incoming students' ENGL 113 classes in September. Pictured above is Hendley (center) with Jill Giebutowski (left) and Christine Charnosky (right), who teach two of those classes.