TV/Video Editing Studio

Springfield College has a television studio with a virtual set and high-definition cameras. Students in the communication/sports journalism major work both behind the scenes and in front of the cameras producing and directing their own shows for the college's cable station. They shoot and edit on state-of-the-art equipment in a new 16-computer Mac Lab and with JVC Pro cameras and wireless mics. Students also have the opportunity to do live play-by-play or sideline reporting at the college's athletic events. With new streaming technology, their work is broadcast live and streamed to the college's website and to individual mobile devices.

Video by Sean Seifert '12

For those students who see TV and video as their calling, they are encouraged to pursue internships in TV news or at the local public television station. Over the years, students have worked at a variety of news outlets, including Springfield's Fox and NBC affiliates. They also acted as associate producers and audio technicians on documentaries produced and directed by a professor in the communication/sports journalism program, giving them the opportunity to be credited in a nationally aired series hosted by Law Order's Sam Waterston.

Video by Terrence Payne '13