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Spotlight on Recent Graduates

Kerri (Fleming) Vautour

Class of 2007

English and COSJ major
Master of Information and Library Science
Southern Connecticut State University, 2011
Currently Reference Librarian at Babson Library, Springfield College

“Getting an English degree from Springfield College helped put me on a path that could lead to so many different types of careers. The work I did inside and outside of the classroom, along with the help of the supportive and passionate faculty, truly prepared me for graduate school and for my career as a librarian. I'm constantly faced with tasks or situations that recall the skills and interests fostered as an English major and I had such a good experience that I couldn't wait to return to the campus and work as a librarian at Springfield College.”

Brittany Hildebrand

Class of 2010

English / Secondary Education major, Philosophy minor
Master of Arts in English (specialization in Writing and Rhetoric)
The University of Rhode Island, 2012
Currently teacher of English at Plymouth North High School, Plymouth, MA-- grade 9 and grade 12 (short story elective)

“The English department and program at Springfield College exposed and provided me with a breadth and depth of various works, ways of writing, and critical theory of works and authors allowing me to become a more critical, creative, and intellectual reader and writer. Even after pursuing graduate studies, some of my most favorite courses and discussions were had within the classrooms of Weiser, Locklin, and Hickory Hall of Springfield College, and with some of the most intellectual and fun faculty I have had the pleasure of working….I can truly say that the English department and faculty at Springfield College made my four years at the institution fun, challenging, and enjoyable, and I look forward to the continuation of the friendships and conversation born there.”