MBA 4+1

The MBA 4+1 is a five-year program encompassing four years of undergraduate work, after which students will achieve a bachelor’s degree, and one additional year of graduate studies, during which students will pursue an MBA. The MBA at Springfield College offers a for-profit concentration.

MBA 4+1 Advantages

From minimizing costs and time, to developing a broad network of colleagues and other professionals, the MBA 4+1 at Springfield College offers a variety advantages.

For-Profit (Management) Concentration

The management concentration prepares graduates for work in the for-profit sector. MBA graduates can pursue jobs within a variety of industries, including consulting groups, corporations, banks, manufacturing companies, and professional sports teams.

According to a study by Accountemps, a global temporary staffing service for accounting and finance professionals, 80 percent of executives responding to the survey said that a graduate degree in business is still important to reach senior management ranks within most companies. There also is growing evidence that having an MBA not only gives you more leverage in dictating new job titles and salary, but also gives you leverage in achieving a better balance between work (read: fewer hours working) and life outside work.

MBA 4+1 is Not Just For Business Majors

By declaring a minor in business management or nonprofit management by their sophomore year, non-business students are eligible to participate in the MBA 4+1 program and would not need to take preparatory classes. Students pursuing art, psychology, sports management, athletics, health related fields, and more, can gain a competitive advantage by earning an MBA at Springfield College. Having knowledge of the business sector is essential in a rapidly changing and global market.


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