Department of Public Safety Transportation Requests and Database

Transportation Requests and Database

Springfield College is committed to providing the safest and most efficient modes of transportation in support of its official business, academic, athletic, and student life needs.

Vehicle safety is the responsibility of every driver. Whether operating a golf cart, cargo van, rental car, or passenger van, any person seeking to operate a College-rented, leased, or owned vehicle is expected to follow the rules and procedures established by the Transportation Committee (see Transportation Policy and Guidelines), and to abide by all campus regulations as well as all federal, state, and local laws.

Vehicles are available for use by students, faculty, and staff in order to facilitate official business, student life, athletic, and academic activities. Personal use of College vehicles is not allowed. Official use includes, but is not limited to: authorized student organization/club travel, community service transportation, intercollegiate athletics, academic class trips/projects, and authorized departmental event transportation needs.

Operation of the group travel vehicle fleet is overseen by the Springfield College Department of Public Safety. The College’s Transportation Coordinator is responsible for scheduling and maintaining the group travel vehicle fleet. The group travel vehicle fleet is comprised of College-owned/leased vehicles. When necessary, vehicles are supplemented by arranging services with an authorized commercial rental agency(ies).

Group travel vehicles available to the College community consist of but are not limited to: 55, 47, and 23 passenger motorcoaches, school buses, and 7-passenger vans or equivalent vehicles (all vehicles subject to availability).

Groups consisting of 14 passengers or less, typically travel in one or two passenger vans which are driven by an authorized driver.

Note: Any person seeking to drive a College-rented, leased, or owned vehicle must be an SC authorized driver.

An authorized driver is defined by the College as any person eligible to operate a College-owned, rented, or leased vehicle. Authorized drivers must adhere to the SC Transportation Service Policy and possess all of the following requirements*:

  • Must be at least 20 years of age
  • Possess a valid United States driver’s license and have possessed a driver’s license for a minimum of three consecutive years
  • Successfully completed of the College’s Defensive Driving Safety Program (or its equivalent)
  • Maintain an approved driver history.

* See Transportation Policy; Procedures (I. Eligibility Requirements, II. Loss of Driving Privileges)

Groups consisting of 15 passengers or more typically travel on motorcoaches or buses which are driven by company provided drivers.

All vehicles are to be acquired from an approved reputable business with the appropriate liability coverage. If an available vehicle can not be located in time for the trip, safety will not be compromised and the trip will be subject to cancellation.

To request transportation (group travel)

An electronic Transportation Request Form must be filed in order to acquire a group travel vehicle(s)

All requests for vehicles are to be made by a member of the SC faculty or staff community. Student vehicle requests are to be made through their: professor, coach, department head, club/organization supervisor, or a member of the SC faculty or staff. The faculty or staff member will need to use their Springfield College e-mail username and password to open a Transportation Request Form.

Your vehicle(s) cannot be obtained until an electronic Transportation Request Form is submitted. Form submission occurs when all mandatory fields are complete and you have “clicked” on the submit button (at the bottom of electronic form). If you’d like, you may print a copy of the completed form for your records.

Once submitted, the electronic transportation request will be reviewed by the Transportation Coordinator and then sent to the appropriate department head for their approval.

The College has a new transportation request database (located in PrideNET). Follow the instructions below to locate the online request form. If you have any questions regarding the form and the process, don’t hesitate to contact Matt Wayland or Brenda Haring in the Transportation Department (Extension 5553 or at

How to access the Transportation Request Database

Only Springfield College employees (Faculty or Staff) are able to access the database to request transportation.

  • Navigate to PrideNET
  • Utilizing your SC username and password, Log onto PrideNET
  • Click on My Profile (towards the top-center of the webpage)
  • Click on My Transportation Requests (this link is on the left-side of the webpage).
  • This screen view is titled My Transportation Requests
  • To file a trip request, click on the link Add New Trip Request
  • Fill in all the required fields (represented with an *) and when completed click on the Submit Form button.

Any questions related to a request should be forwarded to the Transportation Coordinator at ext. 5553 or e-mail

If you have problems with your e-mail username and password, or if you get an error message

Please notify the IT department by filing a VHD request. You will not be able to proceed with your request until you have resolved any computer/user id/password problems you may have.