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Honoring a Pioneer

A group of five alumna surprised their friend Diane Potter ’57, G’63, with the announcement of two endowed funds in her honor.

Former Springfield College softball players with Diane Potter ’57, G’63
September 2016

In Their Words

Students speak out on their experience being a student-athlete and how it has impacted them.

Jannik Haas

Student-Athlete Q&A

A more in-depth look of student-athletes and their development within their sport.

Gabby Anderson

From the Director of Athletics

A letter from Craig Poisson, Director of Athletics.

Craig Poisson

Hassan Robinson's Proudest Achievement

Hassan Robinson discusses his career highlights - Starting at Springfield College.

Hassan Robinson
Mary Beth Hughes Tevebaugh ’86
In Their Words
Darren Bennett ’95, G’97
What it Means to Wear the Uniform
Mike Junsch '75
Q&A with Mike Junsch '75
Gary Hunt ’78
Keeping the Tradition Alive