Community Engagement

Since 1885, the College’s mission of educating young people in spirit, mind and body for leadership in service to others has included community service. To be “part of, and not apart from” the College’s surrounding community complements classroom learning and provides our students with real-world opportunities to experience doing the kinds of things they might do professionally.

Community service is not just an extracurricular activity at the College. It is integrated into the curriculum through internships at schools and nonprofit agencies and put into action through campus-wide initiatives, such as Humanics in Action Day and service-oriented clubs.

By working with the city, its community organizations, and their leaders, the College provides the necessary support that ensures the growth and development so crucial to the future of the City of Springfield and its neighboring communities.


Points of Community Pride

  • Springfield College ranks among the top in the nation’s private colleges that allocate federal funds to community service placements.
  • Each year, our internships place more than 700 students at various organizations throughout the community, at a value of more than $2,100,000 annually.
  • Jostens/NADIIIAA (NCAA) awarded its Community Service Award of Merit to Springfield College for student-athlete participation in community projects.
  • Springfield College was named to the “Saviors of Our Cities” list of the 25 “best neighbor urban colleges in the nation,” as a college that has dramatically strengthened the economy and quality of life in its community by careful strategic planning and thoughtful use of resources.
  • The College’s AmeriCorps program enables students to address unmet needs of the community. Each year, students dedicate thousands of hours to coaching and counseling Springfield-area children and families.
  • A proclamation presented by the Springfield City Council recognized Springfield College for “making the City of Springfield a better place to live” and helping to “improve the neighborhood to make it a better place to live, work, and learn.”


Recent Contributions by Springfield College to Help Prove that the City of Springfield is on the Rise

  • AmeriCorps literacy tutors from the Springfield College Massachusetts Reading Corps provided service to more than 340 Springfield students in 2013-14, with 83 percent of four- and five-year-olds demonstrating improvement in three of the five early literacy skills predictive of future reading success.
  • The Springfield College S-Cubed program helps increase the pool of effective teachers in the hard-to-staff subject and specialty areas of mathematics and moderate disabilities (special education) by working with Springfield Public Schools teachers to complete the state licensure program.    
  • Springfield College’s collaboration with Springfield on the construction of the new Elias Brookings Elementary School, a cornerstone of the Hickory Street revitalization plan. 
  • The Springfield College Arts and Sciences Humanics Speaker Series was created in 2014, bringing national speakers and celebrities to the city such as paleoanthropologist and environmentalist Richard Leakey, nutrition expert Gary Taubes, and women’s basketball legend Rebecca Lobo and Sports Illustrated senior writer Steve Rushin.
  • The Springfield College Center for Wellness Education and Research becomes a preeminent source for best practices in nutrition and physical activity programming for youth.