Experiential Education: Fieldwork, Internship, and Clinical Education Opportunities

"Experiential learning is why I’m here. You have so many opportunities. I recently had the chance to teach dance to a group of 18 to 21 year olds who had never danced before, and at the end of the class the instructor said she had never seen anybody get them moving like that. It was an incredible feeling."

Moriah Billups '15, Health Science / Dance

"The athletic counseling program at Springfield College is truly unique. As an applied program, we are afforded the opportunity to practice in the field while we learn in the classroom. I believe there is no better way to learn how to counsel than by counseling!"

Erika Van Dyke G'15, Athletic Counseling

"Thanks to the psychology program I was able to attain a fieldwork opportunity at the Hampden County House of Corrections where I work with multiple inmates with myriad mental health issues."

Ricardo Vieux ’15, Psychology


To learn more about internships and clinical education opportunities contact the Career Center.

"Early and often" is a phrase that is used regularly at Springfield College. This phrase describes the opportunity for our students to receive hands-on, experiential education in their field, in some cases in their very first semester on the campus.

Springfield College students have a wide range of opportunities to apply what they learn in the classroom, gain real-world experience, and advance their professional development through experiential education. As a student here, you will have a choice of internships, fieldwork, and clinical rotations at hundreds of affiliated institutions, organizations, and businesses.

Springfield College is the center of a global network of partner organizations, professional opportunities, alumni, and friends that will enhance your education and support your aspirations in College and beyond. As a Springfield College student you’ll have a choice of internships and placements among our hundreds of affiliated institutions and organizations. Recent students have benefited from practical and clinical education opportunities at sites ranging from the American Red Cross to Disney to Reebok International to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Current students are urged to learn more about internship or clinical education opportunities by speaking with the faculty coordinator in their academic department.

Sample Internship Opportunities