Inauguration Promises

Inauguration Promises

What lies ahead for Springfield College?

Former College President Wilbert Locklin, in his inaugural address in 1966, said the College’s rate of progress depends upon the courage and cooperation of all of its community. He called for Trustees, faculty, students, alumni, and parents, to rededicate themselves to the basic philosophy of this institution in a common joy of accomplishment.

I ask the same of this community today. To all of our faculty, staff, students, Trustees, alumni: it will be through the collaborative efforts of everyone who calls Springfield College home to help Springfield College prosper in the future. I will need your help. We will work together. As we embark on this collaboration, you can and should expect to hear what is being discussed and where we are thinking of going. We need to talk about our opportunities and consider our hardest challenges. This is a conversation we all need to have together.

And from all of you, I ask you to provide honest input framed within the mission of the College, offered in the best interests of our fine institution.

Well, what can you expect in the future? Here are some things we promise.

  • Springfield College will always be a place that values and appreciates the work of its faculty— as gifted teachers, as creative artists, and inspiring scholars. You have inspired me from the moment I set foot on campus.
  • Springfield College will always be a place that will offer its students a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences through its general education program—because we believe the development of the qualities of the mind, critical thinking and problem solving skills, is necessary for long-term professional success.
  • Springfield College will always be a place that greatly values personal health and wellness. This will continue to be seen in our programming efforts and academic portfolio.
  • Springfield College will always be a place that will offer its traditional undergraduates a comprehensive array of majors, minors and program options. We will offer programs for those who enter college knowing their way, as well as those who discover their trajectories only after they start exploring what we have to offer.
  • Springfield College will always consider the adult learner, in how we deliver our programs, where we deliver them, and how we value graduate education, professional education, and educational opportunities for adult learners in the context of our overall academic objectives, including the vital areas of social work and human service.
  • Springfield College will always be a place that is responsive to the needs of its community. We do not stand apart from our hometown, and we never will.

Now let us go a bit further as we imagine what lies ahead. Certainly, our final path hinges on our forthcoming conversations and on our collaborative efforts, but let’s imagine a time when:

  • Springfield College focuses even more deeply on ensuring that its graduates are fully prepared for good lives and great careers. Building on their commitment to service to others, they become leaders in their communities and in their professions.
  • Springfield College expands its undergraduate and graduate programs in key and relevant areas that fit its mission, its students, and its institutional goals. Together, we identify those emerging trends in society that can and should inform our academic planning.
  • Springfield College increases its efforts to reach new students at its regional campuses and through national and regional partnerships, such as the YMCA. We employ our regional campuses to expand our professional programs for adult learners.
  • Springfield College explores the ways technology can effectively support the professional development of its students, including potential on-line learning initiatives.
  • Springfield College continues to foster a strong partnership between the curriculum and the co-curriculum. We recognize even more fully that a considerable amount of learning happens outside the classroom.
  • And, finally, Springfield College becomes a more inclusive learning community, enhancing its recruitment of underrepresented students, faculty, and staff, and creating a climate that provides the whole community with a better education for the future.

Please celebrate and join with me as we begin our important work together.

Thank you.