About This Program

Looking for programs for adult learners?

Our Alternative Pathway for Emergency Medical Services Management Program is ideal.

It takes a special kind of person to have the desire and commitment to learn emergency care for people who are injured, ill, or in crisis. In the emergency medical services management major, you’ll gain the knowledge, technical skills, and management tools needed for a career in the emergency medical services field. 

As one of a select group of emergency medical services (EMS) programs in the United States, our major offers certification-level courses up to and including paramedic. Our certification success rates consistently exceed 90 percent. You’ll be qualified to work in EMS as soon as you hold an EMT-basic certification. Various ambulance services offer per diem employment to our students, too. 

And, once you graduate, you’ll be able to choose from a career that best suits you. The majority of our graduates start as paramedics and many move into management roles. Others move into regulatory agencies or corporations in emergency medical services. Some become physicians, physician assistants, nurses, or attorneys.

If you're up to the challenge, we're ready to prepare you.

Studying Emergency Medical Services Management At Springfield College