Since our founding in 1885, we have recognized the importance of recreation, sport, and fitness in people’s lives. Fast-forward to today and the emphasis on leading healthier lives has grown along with new populations needing special expertise in recreation, such as senior citizens and persons with disabilities.

Graduate study in sport management and recreation at Springfield College will prepare you to effectively manage sport and recreation facilities and programs in careers such as sports administration, recreation management, and therapeutic recreation management. The engaging coursework emphasizes the competencies of management administration; operations, and maintenance; event management; and research.

Our program will provide you with a 400-hour internship that will connect what you learn in the classroom with real-life experiences. And speaking of connecting, the vast number of alumni from this program are willing to make themselves available to share their success stories with you.

Our student-centered graduate program strives to create the best opportunity for you to advance to the ever-increasing number of administrative positions in the sport management and recreation field.

Concentrations for this program include recreation management, sport management, and therapeutic recreation management.

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An advocate for kinesiology at the national and international levels, the American Kinesiology Association supports educational opportunities in the fields of exercise science and sport studies, health education and physical education, and sport management and recreation management.

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