Organizational Management and Leadership

The goal of the organizational management and leadership concentration is to develop the leadership and management skills of people who have caring hearts and the competency to act. Organizational management and leadership courses provide students the opportunity to focus their studies on specific leadership skills needed to facilitate organizational change within the context of progressive management skills.

We offer two models to choose from. The on-campus model is offered at nine regional campuses, and the Bricks and Clicks program is a combination of face-to-face and online classes. Please see locations below.


Students in the organizational management and leadership concentration have found employment as directors of human services agencies, CEOs of public health organizations, managers of nursing homes, supervisors at community health centers, chiefs of police, founders of nonprofit organizations, and executive directors of Head Start Centers.

Weekend Classes

Attend classes on two weekends per month without disrupting your work schedule and evenings.

16 Months

Earn a master’s degree in 16 months, saving you time and money.

Increase Your Earning Potential

Join the growing ranks of those who get ahead because their advanced degrees match their talent.

Support for Adults

Get the academic support you need as an adult from attentive faculty and staff from the Academic Success Center at your campus.

Tailored for Leadership in Human Services

This program is specifically designed for leaders in human services, and courses in areas such as grant writing and board development reflect this.

An Affordable Degree

The combination of an accelerated format, affordable tuition, and staff to help you navigate the financial aid process makes this a surprisingly affordable program.

Web-enhanced Classroom

Enrich your learning and résumé with an online classroom component that will strengthen the skills you need as a professional in the field.

Student Projects

The action research project provides opportunities for students to partner with community organizations by leading projects in their own communities, according to their own interests.

National and Regional Recognition

Get connected with local, regional, and national organizations that Springfield College and its School of Professional and Continuing Studies, faculty, and alumni have relationships with.

Outstanding Faculty

Learn from faculty members who have expertise and real-world experience leading nonprofit organizations and teaching adult learners.

Degree Requirements

  • Organizational management and leadership graduate students must earn a total of 36 credits to graduate.
  • A maximum of six credits may be transferred from an accredited institution, if a final grade of B or above was obtained, and if courses are consistent with concentration requirements.
  • All graduate students must take the three foundation courses. (See Table A below)
  • All organizational management and leadership students must complete a graduate action research project.
  • The College authorizes the awarding of a Master of Science degree in human services for an approved "B" average or better.

Table A: Foundation Courses

MCCP 625 Leadership: A Lifelong Journey Two credits
MCCP 626 Economics of Change Two credits
MCCP 628 Building Multicultural Communities and Organizations Two credits


The School Professional and Continuing Studies is a tri-mester program. Full-time study is nine credits per term. Day-long classes generally meet one weekend per month. Course structures include a pre-assignment which helps the student establish a frame of reference for class discussion on the first day. Required courses of the organizational management and leadership concentration appear below in Table B by term sequence.

Table B: Organizational Management a Concentration Program Outline

Term One Courses Credits
MOML 625 Leadership: A Lifelong Journey Two credits
MOML 657 Strategic Planning Two credits
MOML 667 Program Evaluation Two credits
MOML 601 Graduate Project I Two credits
Term Two Courses Credits
MOML 662 Staffing, Supervision, and Human Resource Management Two credits
MOML 668 Ethical Competence Two credits
MOML 628 Building Multicultural Communities and Organizations Two credits
MOML 602 Graduate Project II Three credits
Term Three Courses Credits
MOML 659 Fiscal Management Two credits
MOML 626 Economics and Social Change Two credits
MOML 678 Advocacy and Policy Analysis Two credits
MOML 603 Graduate Project III Three credits
Term Four Courses Credits
MOML 661 Organizational Change and Development Two credits
Cohort-chosen Elective Two credits
Cohort-chosen Elective Two credits
MOML 604 Graduate Project IV Three credits

Cohort-chosen electives may include:

MOML 664 Legal and Ethical Aspects of Nonprofit Management Two credits
MOML 666 Power and Accountability Two credits
MOML 669 Board Development and Nonprofit Organizations Two credits
MOML 676 Conflict in the Workplace Two credits
MOML 677 Marketing and Public Relations Two credits

Student Projects

Bring learning to life with hands-on community projects, making connections and impacting people before you graduate. Below are a list of past student projects.

  • Introducing a Youth-led Program Model into a Traditional Adult-led YMCA
  • The Use of Art Therapy Program in Treating Older Individuals Who Engage in Self-abusive Behavior
  • Is There a Need for a Hospice Facility in Coos County, NH?
  • Morale and Effectiveness in the Workplace
  • Positive Influences for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • Great Leadership in Human Services: Learned, Not Inherited
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