No one deserves to be assaulted or abused. We’re here to educate members of the Springfield College community about sexual assault prevention and response, and to provide information about resources on and off the campus. Our resources cover all forms of gender and sex-based discrimination, including acts of sexual violence, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.

If you experience sexual misconduct, you may have concerns about your physical health, safety, or emotional well-being. You may be wondering about sexually transmitted infections and diseases, pregnancy, the potential impact of your experience in regards to how you relate to family and friends, and understanding the disciplinary or legal options available to you for reporting the act.

File a report.Report a student of concern.

Title IX protects students and employees against sexual harassment.
Learn more about the definitions of gender-based misconduct.
You’ve filed a report, and now you may be wondering what comes next.
Our offices and departments can provide advocacy and support.