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Office of Student Activities and Campus Union

Flynn Campus Union, CU 213/209
Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
(413) 748-3142

Numerous opportunities exist for student participation in the planning and implementation of diverse social, cultural, recreational, and educational programs. Involvement in student organizations, governing bodies, and class boards enables students to meet and interact with other students, apply classroom theories to real-life situations, acquire lifelong skills and interests, learn more about themselves, and make valuable contributions to the Springfield College and greater communities.

Information about how students can become involved in any of these organizations is available in the Office of Student Activities and Campus Union, located in rooms 209/213 in the Flynn Campus Union, and the Student Government Association office, located in room 204 in the Flynn Campus Union. To find out more about clubs and organizations on campus, contact Kathleen Allen, Student Government Association vice president for student organizations, at

Governing Bodies

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association provides a forum to unify the student body, promote the interests and welfare of the student body, and guide and finance student activities on campus.

Class Boards

Class Boards serve their class, and manage and raise funds for activities that reflect the interests of, as well as the advancement of, their respective class.

Graduate Student Organization

The Graduate Student Organization represents and serves the graduate students of Springfield College. The group creates and facilitates both academic and social cocurricular activities to enhance the experiences of graduate students at Springfield College.

Academic Interest Student Organizations

Applied Exercise Science Club

The Applied Exercise Science Club actively supports the academic and professional development of the students in the applied exercise science major, related majors, and any student with an interest in the field.

Art Therapy/Art Education Club

The Art Therapy/Art Education Club brings together students from diverse majors who have an active interest in the use of art in the fields of therapy and education.  The club also brings the opportunity for students in all majors to participate in sponsored activities and programs that focus on art.

Athletic Training Club

The Athletic Training Club provides peer-based supplemental exposure to the profession of athletic training while engaging its members in multiple facets of the Springfield College Humanics experience.

Communication Disorders Club

The Communications Disorders Club works with to promote the development of professionals who seek to provide services to people with communication disorders and to provide and understanding of these disorders to the public.

Education Club

The Education Club brings together all students who have an active interest in education and are seeking opportunities to work in the field of education.

Health Science Club

The Health Science Club provides opportunities for all majors within the health science fields programs and resources to develop as professionals within the field of health sciences.

Physical Education Health Education Majors Club

The Physical Education Health Education Majors Club works to further professional development in the physical education profession and to offer guidance (both academically and professionally), support, and encouragement to under-class and new students.

Physician Assistant Student Organization 

Physician Assistant Student Organization facilitates and promotes the knowledge of the physician assistant profession to the community, as well as the social, emotional, and spiritual aspects to the student body.

Pre-Medical Scholars

Pre-Medical Scholars serves as a support and network for students interested in pursuing a career in the medical field.

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club encourages students’ knowledge of the field of psychology and provides an outlet for psychology majors to interact with their peers and faculty members, along with upholding the prestige of the Psy Chi National Honor Society.

Springfield College Business Club

Springfield College Business Club strives to provide students with information on the multi-faceted field of business.

Society for the Advancement of Management

The purpose of the Society for the Advancement of Management is to provide an opportunity for aspiring leaders who endeavor to enter into the business world to gain career-perpetuating experience and knowledge, while concurrently disseminating a campus-wide presence of the business management concentration for current and future Springfield College scholars. Furthermore, this organization will uphold the mission of the College to humanity through various forms civic engagement.

Sport Management Club

The Sport Management Club works to enhance students' educational opportunities through sport management related activities and advance future career opportunities.

Student Occupational Therapy Association 

Studnet Occupational Therapy Association provides information and awareness about the field of occupational therapy and the Springfield College program to fellow students and the community.

Student Physical Therapy Organization 

The Student Physical Therapy Organization promotes the professional development of pre-physical therapy and physical therapy students at Springfield College through sponsored student professional events and programs.


The YMCA Club is an organization that allows students to continue a relationship with the YMCA while educating them about the Y outside of the classroom. The club will familiarize students with the organization and their place within it. The club will also recognize the needs and interests of its members while creating programs.

Youth Development Club

Focused on working with youth in the City of Springfield, the Youth Development Club engages students in multiple fields of student who work with youth.

Special Interest Student Organizations

Best Buddies

Best Buddies is an organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing one-on-one friendships and integrated employment.

CrossFit Club

CrossFit Club provides students the opportunity to gather, learn, and challenge themselves as an individual in the newly develop CrossFit arena.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes 

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is an organization dedicated to learning how the Christian faith applies to sports and other aspects of life within an open atmosphere of fellowship.

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity supports the greater organization that aims to eradicate poverty-level housing from the world and to make suitable housing a reality for all those in need.

International Student Organization 

International Student Organization provides educational, cultural, and recreational activities to all students and helps international students in studying, living, and leisure experiences at Springfield College.

Newman Community

The Newman Community provides opportunities for members of the Springfield College family to engage in Christian fellowship and spiritual growth through varied activities and programs sponsored by the organization.

Project Sustainability

Focused on increasing awareness of the environment, providing opportunities to look long-term at programs and services within and around the college that focus on sustainable living.

SC Dancers

SC Dancers help produce one quality dance concert every year in conjunction with the Visual and Performing Arts Department for the Springfield College community.

SC Outdoorsmen

Looking beyond the traditional outdoor adventure activities, the SC Outdoorsmen group seeks to provide students with opportunities to hunt, fish, and explore other opportunities in the wilds of New England.

SC Outing Club

The SC Outing Club provides students and faculty members with opportunities to experience the outdoors. These experiences are provided under the guidance of qualified trip leaders while attempting to affect the environment as minimally as possible.

SC Pride Alliance (GLBTQ Alliance)

Serving as an ally organization for members of the GLBTQ population, SC Pride Alliance sponsors programs and events to promote the understanding of issues face by GLBTQ students in society.

SC Singers 

SC Singers is an organization that allows students to develop their musical skills in a positive and supportive atmosphere. Members are given the opportunity to display their skills in performance.

SC Hillel

The SC Hillel provides educational programs and events based around the Jewish faith.

SC Veterans Group

Focuses on provide information on available resources on campus in our community, SC Veterans Group brings together members of the college, veterans, and dependents of veterans.

Springfield College Outreach Committee

The Springfield College Outreach Committee offers students the opportunity to experience social injustices, specifically in terms of poverty and oppression in a third world setting. The organization spends a week-long period living with a small indigenous group of people in southeastern Mexico during spring break.

Student Society for Bridging Diversity 

The Student Society for Bridging Diversity works to bridge the gap between students from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The organization promotes greater understanding and tolerance for individual and group differences, and aims to create strong bonds between Springfield College and the surrounding community.

Students Against Violence Everywhere

Students Against Violence Everywhere is an organization that fosters awareness throughout the Springfield College community about different types of violence on college campuses and in society.

Together Campaign

The purpose of the Together Campaign is to offer all members of the College community opportunities through leadership and community service to further the Humanics philosophy.

Your Enlightened Side 

Your Enlightened Side is a meditation group that provides students and others with the opportunity to explore the spiritual side of life.

Special Events Student Organizations

Best of Broadway

Best of Broadway presents two high-quality musicals yearly. The shows are run by Springfield College students and presented for the entire Springfield College community and the public.

Campus Activities Board 

Campus Activities Board, sometimes called CAB, provides all students of the Springfield College community with social, recreational, and educational programs throughout the year.

Leadership Training Conference 

The Leadership Training Conference is an organization that designs and facilitates a training conference, which develops and strengthens the leadership potential of the student body.


Pre-Camp is an organization that provides a gateway to college, separate from New Student Orientation, that centers on personal relationships and close friendships.

SC Backstage

SC Backstage is an organization that brings large-scale concerts to campus. Past performers include O.A.R., Fuel, Wyclef Jean, and Bruno Mars.

Sti-Yu-Ka Committee (spring week)

Sti-Yu-Ka is an organization that provides a wide variety of activities to the campus community during the annual spring week. Activities are provided free of charge to any student of Springfield College and provide entertainment that brings the campus together in unity.

Campus Student Media and Publications

Massasoit Yearbook

Massasoit Yearbook is designed as the official yearbook of Springfield College. It is therefore, published for and by, the student body of Springfield College. It is published under the authorization of the Springfield College Student Government Association.


The campus television station, SCTV3, develops and broadcasts productions that are directed, filmed, and edited by Springfield College students.

Springfield Student - Springfield College Student Newspaper

The Springfield Student is the official newspaper of the student body. It is designated as a primary communication piece for the campus and serves as an educational tool for those students contributing to the newspaper.

WSCB 89.9 FM

WSCB 89.9 FM is the campus radio station. WSCB is utilized as an avenue for students to gain communications experience and leadership skills. Additionally, the station is used as an avenue to communicate any official Springfield College club, administrative, and departmental announcements.