Student Volunteer Programs

Humanics in Action Day

Humanics in Action Day

The mission of the Office of Student Volunteer Programs is to educate students through community-based learning experiences in preparation for lives as active citizens and community leaders in service to humanity. In an effort to realize this mission, the Office of Student Volunteer Programs assists students in locating and organizing community service activities that further their educational experience.

The office provides the following services:

  • Serves as a clearinghouse, providing information on service-learning and volunteer opportunities in our surrounding community
  • Coordinates one-day service activities for large numbers of students and community members
  • Facilitates the operation of ongoing, structured service programs
  • Advises for student-led community service organizations
  • Provides leadership opportunities for students to coordinate programs and develop outreach opportunities
  • Advises and provides logistical support for alternative break trips
  • Acts as a resource for faculty in the exploration and utilization of service learning in their curriculum

Phone: (413) 748-3394
Fax: (413) 748-3370
Location: Flynn Campus Union, Room 350 

Partners Program Megan Sargent
Brookings Learning and Support Team (BLAST) Program Robbie Burke
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