Goal 1 : Graduates will be well prepared to coach at the public school and collegiate level or higher in the area of their personal specialization.

  • SLO 1 : Discuss and describe the role of athletics and a coaching philosophy.
  • SLO 2 : Describe legal issues and duties of a head coach.
  • SLO 3 : Discuss the basic principles of movement control including speed-accuracy trade-off, force production, and coordination.
  • SLO 4 :  Describe the roles and functions of management as they relate specifically to athletic administrators.

Goal 2 : Graduates will demonstrate an appreciation for the process and value inherent in effective coaching of scholastic and intercollegiate athletics.

  • SLO 5 : Identify a philosophical school of thought relative to athletics and its role in education.
  • SLO 6 : Recognize the various agencies that govern athletics.
  • SLO 7 : Analyze the developmental and cultural needs of athletes and identify the relationships between sport and society.

Goal 3 : Graduates will demonstrate a working knowledge of the physical and psychological components of athletic performance.

  • SLO 8 : Demonstrate knowledge of the importance of play in childhood and the psychological, cognitive and social benefits of engaging in play.
  • SLO 9 : Explain how various practice conditions can affect performance and learning.
  • SLO 10 : Utilize psychometric instruments to measure psychological factors related to sport performance and exercise behavior.
  • SLO 11 : Identify and describe physiological adaptions to resistance training.

Goal 4 : Graduates will demonstrate the ability to organize and plan for the acquisition of motor skills and tactical concepts.

  • SLO 12 : Design coaching plans, a team handbook and scouting reports that incorporates effective pedagogical skills and supervisory strategies.
  • SLO 13 : Demonstrate practical application of course related skills and materials during a fieldwork experience.
  • SLO 14 : Design and evaluate programs for developing strength, power, speed and conditioning.

Goal 5 : Graduates will demonstrate the ability to design, evaluate and conduct research in the field.

  • SLO 15 : Identify and apply principals of sound measurement that are valid and reliable.
  • SLO 16 : Identify and describe appropriate research designs to answer specific research questions.
  • SLO 17 : Identify and describe broad issues and importance of research and threats to internal and external validity.
  • SLO 18 : Conduct a research project by describing prior research, identify a research question, designs the methods to collect data, analyze the data, describe the results and present the findings.