Goal 1 : Students will know, understand, and be able to choose appropriate research designs.

  • SLO 1 : Students will identify and describe common research designs and methods.
  • SLO 2 : Students will select a research design that is appropriate to answer a research question.

Goal 2 : Students will construct a basic literature review in their area of study.

  • SLO 3 : Students will use investigative tools and resources to identify and collect research literature.
  • SLO 4 : Students will interpret and evaluate published research articles in their field of study.
  • SLO 5 : Students will organize and prioritize research literature based on relevance to a research question.

Goal 3 : Students will create a research proposal.

  • SLO 6 : Students will become familiar with APA format and use the APA format in their literature review.
  • SLO 7 : Students will use feedback from research advisors.
  • SLO 8 : Students will collect and analyze data