Goal 1: Students will gain knowledge and skills in the areas identified in the ACPA-NASPA Professional Competencies, including Personal and Ethical Foundations; Assessment, Evaluation, and Research; Law, Policy, and Governance; Student Learning and Development; and Technology.

  • SLO 1: Students will be able to integrate foundational knowledge and skills into a cohesive set of professional practices.
  • SLO 2: Students will be able to use the holistic set of competencies to guide their professional decisions and practices.

Goal 2: Students will gain specialized knowledge and skills related to counseling college students; demonstrating leadership and administrative effectiveness within higher education; and fostering social justice through collegiate education.

  • SLO 3: Students will be able to facilitate individuals' holistic development through individual and small-group advising sessions. 
  • SLO 4: Students will be able to articulate their leadership philosophy and align administrative decisions with their professional beliefs and values.
  • SLO 5: Students will be able to identify systemic inequities within higher education and take action to dismantle systems of oppression.

Goal 3: Students will be able to articulate who they are as emergent professionals and be prepared to conduct an effective job search.

  • SLO 6: Students will articulate their values through a statement of professional philosophy and their skills and abilities through a statement of professional preparation.
  • SLO 7: Students will be able to identify, apply to, and negotiate for jobs that fit with their professional values. 
  • SLO 8: Students will be able to clearly and persuasively discuss their professional strengths and experiences during the job search process.