Goal 1: Students will demonstrate fundamental knowledge and comprehension of the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, historical trends, and empirical findings of the rehabilitation and disability studies field. 

  • SLO 1: Describe disability and its impact on the individual

  • SLO 2: Define key concepts, principles, and history in rehabilitation and disability studies

  • SLO 3: Demonstrate experiential knowledge

Goal 2: Students will use scientific reasoning, problem solving, and critical thinking

  • SLO 4: Identify and critically analyze systems related to the rehabilitation and disability studies field
  • SLO 5: Develop information literacy in the field

  • SLO 6:  Engage in creative thinking and problem solving

  • SLO 7: Discuss disability-related research and program evaluation

  • SLO 8: Identify and discuss sociocultural factors in research and data interpretation

Goal 3: Students will demonstrate socially responsible, culturally proficient, and just behaviors as well as sound ethical decision making practices

  • SLO 9: Demonstrate effective interpersonal relationships
  • SLO 10: Identify and apply basic ethical standards to practice in rehabilitation settings

  • SLO 11: Exhibit the professional responsibility to advocate for individuals with disabilities

  • SLO 12: Incorporate social justice values and equity to build relationships and community

Goal 4: Students will demonstrate competence in a professional communications

  • SLO 13: Demonstrate effective writing for different purposes

  • SLO 14: Exhibit professional presentation skills

  • SLO 15: Exhibit professional collaboration skills 

  • SLO 16: Interact effectively with others

Goal 5: Students will demonstrate the use of appropriate counseling skills, effective self-reflection, teamwork skills, and knowledge of career preparation.

  • SLO 17: Apply rehabilitation knowledge and helping skills to career goals

  • SLO 18: Demonstrate self-awareness and self-efficacy

  • SLO 19: Work effectively as part of a team 

  • SLO 20: Make meaningful professional decisions post- graduation