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Applied Exercise Science

Primary Responsibilities:

Each of these positions is directly involved in teaching laboratory experiences for the following courses: AEXS 313 Physiology of Exercise-Laboratory component is AEXS 315, AEXS 603 Cardiovascular Physiology, and AEXS 606 Environmental Physiology. Each Graduate Assistant will be responsible for grading lab reports and assigning a final laboratory component grade at the end of each semester. There are 100 undergraduate slots available for the Fall and Spring semester-this breaks into 5 labs each semester. One Graduate Assistant will be designated as the Laboratory Coordinator and assume a leadership role and will also be responsible for the care and maintenance of equipment. Both Graduate Assistants will serve as Research Assistants when necessary.

Secondary Responsibilities:

Each Graduate Assistant will serve as an academic tutor for students who request assistance with difficult scientific concepts. In addition each Graduate Assistant will train students on the equipment in the laboratory. Each Graduate Assistant will also serve as a resource for all in-class assignments.

Fellowship Required Qualifications

Required Qualifications:

  • Graduate student majoring in Exercise Physiology
  • Comprehensive knowledge of laboratory equipment and techniques
  • Base knowledge of Exercise Physiology mechanisms and concepts
  • Doctoral student preferred

Position Requirements:

  • Graduate major in Exercise Physiology, preferably at the Doctoral level
  • Master’s students may be considered depending on the applicant pool

*The compensation listed for these positions applies to Ph.D. candidates only.