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Computer Information Sciences and Physics Fellow

The Graduate Fellow directly assists faculty members who are teaching introductory computer science and statistics classes. The Fellow’s primary responsibility is in-class assistance. For example, while a faculty member lectures on features of a computer software package such as Microsoft Excel, and students follow along with the lecture on their own computers, the Graduate Fellow assists individual students who are having difficulty following along. In addition, the Graduate Fellow may tutor students outside of class hours, and grade written assignments.

This Graduate Fellow will definitely help in CISC 105 (Computer Concepts) classes. Depending on their expertise and the needs of the department, the Graduate may also offer instructional support in first-year physics classes, other elementary computer science classes, and/or elementary mathematics classes.  If the Graduate Fellow helps with physics, they may help with physics lab setup, lab instruction, and/or tutoring students in physics.

This Graduate Fellow may also offers instructional support in first-year physics classes (the only physics classes the college offers). The Fellow may help with physics lab setup, lab instruction, and/or tutoring students in physics.

Fellowship Required Qualifications

  • Strong knowledge of PowerPoint , Excel,  and HTML is preferred. Knowledge of these subjects need not be advanced if the Graduate Fellow has the ability and motivation to learn more about them.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Access is desirable. A semester of statistics at the college level is also desirable.
  • A year of college physics is preferred, and additional physics coursework beyond one year is desirable.
  • Teaching or tutoring experience is preferred. An interest in teaching is essential. The ability to clearly explain basic physics or computer concepts to undergraduate students is required. 
  • The Fellow must be a full-time graduate student.