Primary Responsibilities:

  • Support Program director in program evaluation and assessment of program objectives and outcomes
  • Provide support to program directors in the areas of recruitment and retention which may include:
    • Representing programs & department at open houses and off campus recruiting events
    • Following up on inquiries and applications, participating in interviews and monitoring enrollment
    • Support current students and program through organizing, supporting and scheduling advising, community building, social and academic events
  • Schedule and maintain regular office hours
  • Develop or administer special projects in areas relevant to progressing the graduate program.
  • Represent the program at internal and external meetings, events, organizational meetings and conferences.
  • Assist in development of program materials, such as course information, program brochures, supplementary input, social media presence or Web site, as requested by program director.



Secondary Responsibilities: 

  • Create, maintain, and enter information into databases as requested
  • Attend classes of the instructor whom they are assisting as requested.
  • Maintain Program Bulletin Boards
  • Manage paper or electronic filing systems, recording information, updating paperwork, or maintaining documents, such as student-related work, correspondences (internal and external), or other materials associated with program-related work.
  • Maintain scheduling and event calendars for program as requested.
  • Provide research assistance to faculty members.
  • Lead discussion sections, tutorials, or laboratory sections as requested.
  • Order or obtain materials needed for classes.
  • Teach or substitute for program faculty, as requested.
  • Provide instructors with assistance in the use of technology to support coursework if needed.
  • Maintain fieldwork materials

*Other duties may be required as identified by Program Director

Fellowship Required Qualifications

Required Qualifications: 

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Experience with higher education
  • Organizational and administrative skill/experience
  • Must be a full time graduate student at Springfield College


Position Requirements:

Assist Department Chair with program support at Masters level: Support and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the Counseling programs at Springfield College.  Duties may vary and can range from admissions support to, performing program related duties to special projects to teaching-related duties.