Generalist Specialist

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Teach four PEAC skills classes per semester
  • Submit a detailed, school formatted, syllabus for each skills course assigned to teach.
  • Attend all mandatory meetings/workshops conducted by the Skills Coordinator.
  • Adhere to all Institution and School policies.
  • Submit grades to the Skills Coordinator
  • Prepare Lesson Plans

Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Authorize course overloads
  • Provide student transportation to off campus classes.

Fellowship Required Qualifications

Required Qualifications:

  • Physical Education degree or related fields
  • Teaching/Coaching experience at any level
  • Responsible, mature, organized, and professional
  • Competent to teach a variety of PEAC skills courses

Position Requirements:

  • Physical Education degree 
  • Teaching/Coaching experience at any level

Hours per week: 15 hours

Tuition Waiver: 18 credits

Annual Stipend:$3,000.00

Application Deadline: February 15

James O’Donnell

Skills Coordinator