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Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Assisting in classroom instruction for graduate level program concentration classes
  • Responsibility for tutoring or assisting students who need additional help or resources.
  • Maintain communication with program students, alumni, partners, and applicants.
  • Responsibility for creating instructional materials for the course; including the development or rubrics.
  • Assisting the faculty member with research, including assisting in data collection or analysis of data.

The graduate fellow will directly assist the instructor in teaching classes, especially for concentration specific courses that require concentration specific expertise and experience. The fellow must have a strong knowledge of the content area and be able to assist students in content tutoring, support, skill development, role play exercises and other classroom activities. The grad fellow will lead classroom discussions, create grading sheets, grade exams, papers and other material, with a focus on clinical documentation and report writing.  They will teach or substitute for program faculty, as requested and provide instructors with assistance in the use of technology to support coursework if needed.

Secondary Responsibilities: 

The fellow will also:

  • Provide research assistance to the I/O Psychology content expert faculty in collecting program data including internship site information, evaluations from internship onsite supervisors, job placement and employment outlook for I/O Psychology data and provide analysis of said data.
  • The fellow will hold regular office hours and meet with students to assist in course support, address concerns and answer questions with a focus on the role and application of psychology in the workplace
  • Create and maintain all internship materials.
  • Assist the faculty member in conducting research in the concentration specific area including creating support material and collecting data.
  • Order or obtain materials needed for classes
  • Have administrative responsibilities associated with recruitment of students, addressing questions of perspective students and attending open houses.
  • Other office management tasks, such as copying, filing, etc.

The secondary responsibilities of the fellow will be in support of the I/O Psychology graduate recruitment including responding to perspective student inquires, maintaining current and perspective student information, addressing changes in the field and creating I/O Psychology materials including internship handbooks, etc.

Fellowship Required Qualifications

Required Qualifications: 

 The graduate fellow should have:

  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • A working knowledge of the I/O Psychology department, college and association standards.
  •  Previous experience in business/ workplace administrative settings preferred
  • APA writing skill
  • Organizational and administrative skill/experience

Position Requirements:

The fellow must be a full time graduate student at Springfield College and be enrolled in the I/O Psychology program.