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Rehabilitation and Disability Studies

Primary Responsibilities:


Primary responsibilities must be associated with teaching and/or research.  The fellow must be engaged and working with the faculty member to assist in lab or classroom instruction.  Duties may include any of the following:

  • Primary or secondary responsibility for classroom or laboratory instruction.
  • Responsibility for tutoring or assisting students who need additional help or resources.
  • Responsibility for grading quizzes/tests/ or course assignments.
  • Responsibility for creating instructional materials for the course; including the development or rubrics.
  • Assisting the faculty member with research, including assisting in data collection or analysis of data.


After the actual time that your classes take place, the hours needed to participate as a graduate associate are your highest priority. This position must take precedence over all other responsibilities.  The fellow is expected to complete a minimum of 10-12 hours each week in the performance of her graduate associateship. Please keep track of your actual hours in the fashion of a time log.       Beginning the first day of classes, meet weekly with Dr. Accordino to establish task assignments and their respective timelines. 


Secondary Responsibilities: 

Secondary responsibilities can include administrative tasks.  However these tasks cannot constitute the majority of the responsibilities of the fellow (generally not to exceed 35 or 40 percent).  Duties can include:


  • Administrative responsibilities associated with recruitment of students;
  • Administrative responsibilities associated with preparing to take students out into community settings.
  • Assisting the faculty member with doing administrative duties associated with research, such as data entry. 
  • Other office management tasks, such as copying, filing, etc.


Fellows will be required to assist with data entry of research participants.  Also, they will aid in documentation of students’ grades. Fellows will also be required to compile and mail out recruitment materials to prospective graduate students. 



Fellowship Required Qualifications

Required Qualifications: 


  • Background in rehabilitation and disability studies related field, such as Communication Sciences and Disorders, Rehabilitation and Disability Studies
  • Organization, good attention to detail
  • Computer skills, including facility with Moodle


  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills


  • Full time graduate student in a Rehabilitation Counseling program