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Primary Responsibilities:

The graduate assistant for Research and Statistics attends all classes and serves in the following roles as part of their primary responsibilities: teaches on a weekly basis, offers student support during class, is available for questions, conferences, and clarifications outside of class time, and supports timely and individualized feedback on evaluations and written assignments.  Instructional time will include preparation and delivery of course content, including supervised development and presentation of focused activities and discussions designed to increase understanding and engagement. The graduate assistant is critical to successfully supporting student learning for courses in research methods, proposal design, and statistics. All of these courses involve a large volume of material typically outside of the students’ previous experiences. The instructor alone is not able to meet student needs for questions, clarifications, and assignment assistance.

In research courses, students are asked to produce a large volume of writing in APA format, a format largely unfamiliar to most students, and to review research literature, a process largely unfamiliar, as well. The GA is able to act as a resource for questions regarding the research process, the writing process, and the format. The GA also supports instructor grading, allowing for assignments, often 30 or more pages per student, to be returned promptly, with individualized comments designed to offer feedback on both the process and the format.  Classroom assistance, especially in statistics courses, allows for student questions to be addressed during engagement with the material, and allows the work process to move forward with increased student understanding.

Additionally, the graduate assistant in Research and Statistics will engage in the development of research proposals, manuscripts, identification of emerging methods of data collection, data collection procedures, and, when appropriate, data analysis in support of faculty research.

Secondary Responsibilities: 

Secondary responsibilities may include administrative tasks such as data entry, transcription, or coordinating student meetings or copying/posting course or research related documents.  

Fellowship Required Qualifications

Required Qualifications: 

Required qualifications include:

  • Graduate level research content knowledge
  • Research experience, with at least completed thesis-level work
  • Specialty knowledge in one or all of the following is preferred: Exercise Science, Sport Psychology, Strength and Conditioning, Athletic Training
  • Teaching experience preferred
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills in order to work effectively with students.
  • Expertise in IBM Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) or equivalent
  • Expertise in American Psychological Association (APA) Writing Style and Format
  • Detail oriented
  • Strong time management skills

Position Requirements:

The Fellow must be a full-time graduate student at Springfield College in good standing and in a field of study related to the Fellowship. 

*The compensation listed for this position applies to Ph.D. candidates only.

  • Available Positions: 1
  • Stipend: $6,000
  • Tuition Waiver: 30
  • Faculty Contact: Dr. Elizabeth Mullin