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Research & Statistics

Primary Responsibilities:

The Graduate Fellow in Research and Statistics require approximately 20 hours a week completing some combination of the following:

(1) keeping 5 office hours a week for students enrolled in courses in the Research curriculum;

(2) assisting with the evaluation of research papers, statistical assignments, and exams completed  by students in Research 610, Research 612/712, and Research 620; 

(3) guest-lecturing and facilitating discussion  with the following courses (if the student has already taken the course): Research 610, Research 620, Research 612/712, and Research 720;

(4) conducting statistical analysis consulting with independent study students enrolled in a graduate program in HPER;

(5) serving as a director of the Graduate Research Peer Mentoring Program; and

(6) assistance with on-going research agenda. 

Secondary Responsibilities: 

The graduate fellow will be expected various elements to aid in on-going research. Assistance may include conducting surveys, entering data into SPSS, organizing and maintaining databases.


*Stipend is $5,000 in the first year. $6,000 in the second year, and $7,000 in the third year if applicable.

Fellowship Required Qualifications

Required Qualifications: 

The Graduate Fellow must have obtained an B+ or higher in Research 610 (or equivalent at their master’s program) and must have either taken Research 620 (or equivalent) or be currently enrolled in Research 620. The Graduate Fellow must be at least moderately proficient in APA writing style, research design, statistics analysis, SPSS Statistics software, and Excel. The Graduate Fellow should have strong writing and communication skills and have a strong interest in reading and conducting research.

*The compensation listed for this position applies to Ph.D. candidates only.