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Social Work - Worcester (Paul D. Coverdell Graduate Fellow

Primary Responsibilities:


Primary responsibilities are associated with teaching and research.  The fellow will be engaged and working with two faculty members, Dr. Karen Clark-Hoey and Dr. Joyce Taylor, to assist in research and classroom instruction at the Worcester MSW weekend program.  Duties may include the following:

  • Primary or secondary responsibility for classroom instruction.
  • Responsibility for tutoring or assisting students who need additional help or resources.
  • Responsibility for grading quizzes/tests or course assignments.
  • Responsibility for creating instructional materials for the course.
  • Assisting the faculty member with research, including assisting in data collection or analysis of data.



The graduate fellow will have teaching and research responsibilities for assisting faculty supervisors teaching MSW courses at Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester.  As the Paul D. Coverdell Graduate Fellow who is a returning Peace Corps volunteer, an important focus will be community initiatives in support of refugee and vulnerable populations.


Secondary Responsibilities: 

Secondary responsibilities will include administrative tasks approximately 35 or 40 percent of time.  Possible duties include:


  • Administrative responsibilities associated with recruitment of students;
  • Administrative responsibilities associated with preparing to take students out into community settings;
  • Assisting the faculty member with doing administrative duties associated with research, such as data entry. 
  • Other office management tasks, such as copying, filing, etc.

Fellowship Required Qualifications

Required Qualifications: 


  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills in order to work effectively with a highly diverse student population.
  • Possess great leadership skills
  • Knowledge and experience in community-based practice.


Position Requirements:


The fellow must be a graduate student at the Springfield College School of Social Work and a returned Peace Corps volunteer.