Your grades do not solely determine transfer admission to Springfield College. While they are important in determining eligibility for merit scholarships, your GPA is not the only factor determining our admission decision. Transfer admissions officers rely on all of the elements of your application (essay, letters of recommendation, official college transcripts, official final high school transcripts or GED, transfer college report, SAT/ACT scores for applicants transferring in less than 12 college credits, and recommended interview) to paint a complete picture of you and your potential. If you have concerns about your GPA, we encourage you to speak with the transfer coordinator at the time of your application. 

We are currently fully test-optional for Fall 2021. Students applying to teacher education who are applying for Spring 2021 will still need to submit scores.

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Academic Requirements

College GPA

Springfield College will require you to submit official transcripts from any previously attended colleges. From these transcripts, we will obtain a cumulative college GPA, which is considered in the application review process and to determine transfer merit scholarships. 

Your college transcripts are an important factor in the review for transfer admission, as your performance in college is the most accurate indicator of success at Springfield College. If you have a concern about your college GPA, connect with the transfer coordinator to have a conversation.

High School GPA

Students admitted to Springfield College must have graduated from an approved secondary school (high school) or have obtained a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) by the time of their enrollment.

Springfield College will require you to submit your official final high school transcripts, which reflect your high school coursework and cumulative grade point average. Both are important factors in admission.

Springfield College recommends that you have pursued the strongest college preparatory program available in your secondary school (high school).

Springfield College also looks for students who participate in a diverse set of co-curricular activities in high school and college, particularly in areas related to your intended field of study. Such activities might include athletic teams, cultural groups, or community service agencies.

Additional Requirements

Application Essay

A personal essay is required to complete your transfer application at Springfield College. It is very important that you be thoughtful with this essay since it is evaluated carefully. Take your time, write convincingly, spell correctly, use complete sentences, and check your grammar. 

Your personal statement essay gives you a chance to show the transfer coordinator who you really are beyond the academic requirements and why you are interested in transferring to Springfield College. Your essay is important in evaluating your application for admission as it allows you to show your personality, intelligence, values, and future aspirations.

Transfer College Report

A transfer college report is required from all previously attended colleges. The transfer college report allows us to see your academic and judicial history at these schools. You should complete the top portion of the document, while a school official (dean of students, advisor, or registrar) must complete the bottom portion.

Recommendation Letter(s)

As part of the Transfer Common Application and the Springfield College Transfer Application, Springfield College requires at least one academic recommendation.

Certain academic programs at Springfield College will require more than one recommendation to complete your application. If you are applying to a program that requires additional recommendations, you will be notified by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. 

While only one academic recommendation is required to complete your application, you are welcome to submit additional letters of recommendation.


Although it is optional, we encourage you to participate in an interview with our transfer coordinator or a member of our alumni community. The interview will take place during your visit to campus or with an alumni local to you if you are unable to visit campus.  If you are concerned about your GPA, the interview can be very important in helping our transfer coordinator better understand who you are as a student.

SAT/ACT Scores (for students with fewer than 12 college credits)

Springfield College is SAT/ACT optional for all programs. While you are welcome to submit your test scores, they will not have an impact on merit-based financial aid awards and may not influence an admissions decision will require you to submit your SAT/ACT test scores.