How has a Springfield College degree impacted you professionally?

Springfield College gave me the confidence and independence to move forward into my career.  After my years at SC I was confident making decisions, I had learned the value of making and keeping relationships, and I was really just comfortable in my own skin.  That has impacted my professional career greatly.  I am able to manage people, work as a team considering all views, and show leadership to the people who work for me.  I think that Springfield College gave me so many of the skills and foundations to do all those things.  Springfield also impacted me to do something that I feel matters.  I have a career that I feel is so important and I think that adds to the feeling of fulfillment in my chosen profession.  

Who influenced you when you were a student at Springfield College and explain the role they played in your life?

I would not be where I am today without the influence of Business Department Professor, Brenda Canning.  When I was in grad school, she saw something in me and connected me to a great position in the health care management field.  Without Brenda, I would not be in the career I am in today.  She continually supports me in my current position and she encourages me to try new things in my career.  Most recently, I began teaching a class at SC, and she has been a support, a sounding board, and a mentor right along the way.  I appreciate her guidance and her belief in me that I can be successful in anything I choose to pursue.

If you could share on piece of advice with today’s current Springfield College student, what would it be?

Choose to be happy! There will always be things to complain about at school or at work, but there are things to be grateful for too.  If there is something that you’re not happy about, change it, or think of a way to help the issue rather than just complain.  Every experience goes by so quickly, SC went by in a flash, choose to enjoy and appreciate every moment!  

Who do you want to thank personally for the role they have played in your success?

I couldn't have done anything first and foremost without my family.  My parents always made it seem like college was always just what you did, it was not an option.  They showed me that working hard, being responsible, treating others well, and believing in myself was so important.  I knew that I always had their support and that they would be there in a second if I needed them to be.  As an adult, I've come to appreciate my brother more and more. We are family and friends, and it's something that I feel so lucky to have.

Fran O'Connell has been my boss, mentor, and work family for almost 10 years now.  He has taught me to not take things so seriously, but work hard and get things done. I thank him for that and for believing in me year after year to be a big part of such a meaningful business.

My husband, Brett, has been a part of my life since my days at SC and I am so fortunate to have him.  He supports my decisions, has let me be consumed with school or work or whatever I've decided to do, and he rolls with it.  He believes that I'm capable and allows me to be successful and independent. We now have a smart, sweet, little boy with a huge personality and together we figure it out like we've figured out the last 12 years. I love the two of them so much and am thankful to have them by my side.

Danielle Lord ’05 G ‘08
Danielle Lord ’05 G ‘08
Danielle Lord ’05 G ‘08