How has having a Springfield College degree impacted you professionally?

While some people select Springfield College for its rich athletic history, I selected it based on my goal to enrich the lives of others. Springfield College graduates are well known for their inherent desire to help others and impact positive change, and I wanted to be one of those people.  

My degree at first glance is a piece of paper, but to me it means so much more, it means care, compassion, and dedication to enhance anyone's quality of life.  In my travels in life, when I share that I have a Springfield College degree, more often than not, someone will say "You came from the college that motivates people to change the world.” My SC degree has helped support me during my various roles in the health care field; employers and other organizational leaders consider it an asset because they are familiar with the culture and the philosophy of what acquiring an SC degree symbolizes.  

Who influenced you when you were a student at Springfield College and explain the role they played in your life?

When I attended SOAR before my first year at SC and we had major and advisor meetings that June, I was nervous and felt way over my head. The first person I got to meet from the management and economics department was Professor Joel Parrish, Department Chair. He was warm, welcoming, and funny. I walked away from that meeting reassured and confident that I had what it took to succeed in college. As I continued thru my college career, the management and economics professors grew to be a part of my family. Professor Parrish, Dr. John Doyle, Professor Dan Charzan provided guidance and encouragement. They were there for all of their students, took advising seriously, and gave wonderful advice about the professional world. Each of those professors had decades of experience teaching, and yet I felt they had renewed energy about their students each year. I got the feeling that they loved to coming to work, and I strived to find a job and career where I could feel that very same way.  

If you could share one piece of advice with today's current Springfield College student, what would it be?

Take advantage of every opportunity to connect with your professors, campus resources and partners.  This college employs people from the top down who are invested in your future and experience, but you must take the first step. Do something out of your comfort zone...don't just think you don't like something or a certain class, go for it and experience it, it may change your life and outlook in a way you never would have considered.  

Who do you want to thank personally for the role they have played in your success?

My parents Michael and Carlyn Lauder. These folks have been true cheerleaders every day of my life.  They are supportive, give good perspective, and taught me the value of working hard and being a good person.  

My husband Dom:  (Another reason I love Springfield College!) Dom is patient, kind, helps me see the big picture and encourages me to see the silver lining and not sweat the small stuff.  

My "bestie” Nicole Esteves:  Nicole is the sister I never had but always wanted. She has been with me through thick and thin, and is never afraid to tell me the truth. Her unwavering devotion and friendship since 2002 when we met in Massasoit Hall is something I will be forever grateful for.  

To one of my first bosses:  Tom Harris, Nursing Home Administrator. Tom is the kind of administrator that I always strive to be at my assisted living facility. He is diplomatic, a great listener and motivator, and encourages his staff to do every task based on their mission to make a resident's day.  

Emily Lauder Uguccioni '06
Emily Lauder Uguccioni '06