Who influenced you when you were a student at Springfield College and what role did they play in your life?

Men's Head Soccer Coach Peter Haley. I had the pleasure of playing 4 years of soccer at Springfield College. Others were blessed with skills, touch, and a sixth sense on the field - while I reveled in the "S"s' stamina and stubbornness. Coach Haley has a wonderful spirit and a skill of connecting with his players individually in a way that I strive for daily with employees, friends, and loved ones. His candor with feedback, passion for the game and perfection were always contagious. Coach Haley, and soccer at the collegial level taught me austerity and how to manage the balancing act between course work, the college experience, and physical fitness. In a way, all elements of the mind, body, and spirit mission were on hyper-drive while playing at Springfield and a foundation that has been unwavering since my time there.

Fr. Leo James Hoar. Leo is a natural leader who is open to all people. His youthful nature and ability to connect with students of a different generation was always inspiring. I put strong value in his ability to always see the brighter side of things and bring humor and joy to all situations. Leo strongly advised me to join his mission work in Mexico while a student at Springfield. After so many years, I can recall in vivid memory, the details of those trips in their entirety. While, yes there was wonderful work done to help those in need, I often felt we took as much back, in our hearts and the way in which we viewed the world around us. I owe much thanks to Leo, for taking me out of my comfort zone, and his inspiring desire to always put others before himself.

How has having a Springfield College degree impacted you professionally?

The essence of Springfield College has become a part of who I am daily. I remain in awe that Springfield found me and I found Springfield. Many say it, but Springfield College and it's community is filled with special people placing others' needs in front of their own. Springfield has helped me to grow as a young man; with others in mind first and to focus on all aspects of life via mind, body, and spirit to LIVE EVERY DAY!

If you could share one piece of advice with today's current Springfield College student, what would it be?

Train yourself to get up early, Leonardo Da Vinci did the math on the need for human sleep. To boil it down, sleep less, do more.

Who are the people in your life who you want to thank personally for the role they have played in your success.

My wife, Kathryn Deneault Calendrillo '05 is my steadfast force. Without her guidance, calmness, and optimistic attitude I'd be lost at sea, or at the very least still wearing striped pants with checked shirts! I'd be remised not to share the importance my brother, Anthony, has played in my personal growth & our successes with our medical practice LIVE EVERY DAY. Both are second to none. Both provide unwavering support, love, and encouragement.

Here's another group of special people, I owe thanks to them daily, as they are the group that makes up LIVE EVERY DAY, and what made this Forty under 40 Award possible.

  • Sara Grenier '10
  • Amy Veres '99
  • Katie Lauder '09
  • Mary Monahan '16
  • Olivia Pare '16
  • Megan Frazier '12
  • Stephanie Gardner
  • Melissa Doan
  • Shannon Brown
  • Ann Wallack
  • Erin Newton
  • Ally Gauthier
  • Alyse Pilch
  • Julie Coombs
  • Jennifer Wagner
  • Emilia Lachacz
  • Kimberly Clahar
Matthew M. Calendrillo
Matthew M. Calendrillo
Matthew M. Calendrillo
Matthew M. Calendrillo