How has having a Springfield College degree impacted you professionally?

The School of Social Work at Springfield College prepared me to be a skillful social worker. I have always felt confident in the numerous roles I have played from an in-home family therapist, to a school social worker, to a mobile crisis clinician, to a director of a women's substance abuse residential center, and now as a private practice clinician. The advanced generalist curriculum and knowledgeable teachers taught me so many skills, interventions, and techniques that were both traditional and unique to the mission of social work. The compassion, kindness, and friendliness that the School of Social Work emits makes it a fun learning environment that is supportive and intimate and allows for lifelong friendships with classmates.    

Who influenced you when you were a student at Springfield College and explain the role they played in your life?

The School of Social Work staff are absolutely outstanding and by far the most down to earth people.  They always pushed me to think outside the box, encouraged my creativity, and ensured that I graduated with a true understanding of the mission of social work with an advanced generalist perspective. Dr. Fisher, Dr. Gianesin, Dr. Canning, Dr. Mullin, and Dr. Wronka were the most inspiring social workers to learn from. I had the pleasure of working with and collaborating with all of them not only during graduate school, but also through the post master's certificate program at SSW, and in the local public schools and community.  

If you could share one piece of advice with today's current Springfield College student, what would it be?

The best advice I can give is don't cut corners, if things seem too easy, then you aren't challenging yourself enough.

Who do you want to thank personally for the role they have played in your success?

My mother and father have been my number one supporters throughout my entire life both personally and professionally. They always push me to be my best, believe in me, give me the courage to always pursue what I want, and have helped me when I have chosen to make life or career changes.  

I would also like to thank Stan Schapiro of Community Health Resources in CT. Stan has been an amazing mentor to me in the non-profit world for over ten years. His patience and sense of humor allowed for me to be challenged and guided in all my endeavors. He always believed in me and taught me how to be a better leader.

Lastly, as I have made the transition over the last year from non-profit to private practice, I would like to thank my husband, Joshua Lewis. His ongoing support and patience is truly appreciated. He has supported me in finding my work-life balance which has allowed me to be home more with our 18 month old twin sons, Augustus and Gunnar. I can definitely say that being a mom has now taken the number one seat as my favorite job ever!!

Meghann Whittemore G'04
Meghann Whittemore G'04
Meghann Whittemore G'04