It is a distinct honor to be chosen as the 2016 recipient of The Tarbell Medallion.

My life has been shaped by a wonderful family and supported by teachers, coaches, administrators, thousands of students and friends who have provided guidance, encouragement, joy, challenges and a passion to live a full life.

Springfield’s single greatest influence has been the infusion of the Humanics Philosophy – the education of the whole person – in Spirit, Mind and Body – for leadership in service to others. Entering Springfield College in 1986 altered my career and life. The five years of experiences as a graduate student, teacher, coach and athletics administrator at SC and beyond were shaped by this philosophy. My development along with friendships and networking opportunities with the best in education, impact my personal and professional life in some way each day.

Springfield College alumni are represented worldwide. Engaging with alumni colleagues within intercollegiate athletics is a highlight at conventions, conferences and championships, filled with stories about our experiences and the coaches and faculty that impacted and encouraged us to pursue this career path.

With its guiding philosophy, it has been a privilege to give back and support Springfield College over the past 25 years. I was honored when contacted by Tamie Kidess Lucey to serve on the Alumni Council, humbled to serve as Council president and ultimately privileged to serve as a trustee of Springfield College. I love returning to campus to engage with students, mentor those interested in collegiate coaching and administration, engage with colleagues and to support events such as stepping up day, Alumni Networking Night and commencement. My Springfield College family includes many outstanding teachers, coaches, administrators, staff, directors of athletics Steitz, Bilik, Schweitzer and Poisson, presidents Flynn and Cooper, alumni, trustee colleagues and most importantly, the students, who have impacted me in numerous ways.

I humbly follow in the footsteps of all Tarbell Medallion recipients, outstanding leaders in service to SC and others. I am grateful for my valued education, experiences and opportunities. I accept this honor with pride and a commitment to continue to serve and promote a wonderful College, its reputation and importance in the world of higher education. Thank you.