June 8-11, 2017

A committee of your classmates is hard at work planning a fun, casual and rewarding time for all of us to come home to Springfield.

Class of 1967

Class of 1967 UNO's Registration Form

Greetings to the Class of 1967 from your Reunion Committee. 

This, our second email blast, will be a bit shorter to accommodate the inclusion of our soon to be highly acclaimed video. So, let’s get right to it!

Do you remember?

Where you were when the entire east coast lost all power on the evening of 11/09/65? I recall being on duty, cooking pork chops, in the kitchen of Woods Hall. While we were fortunate to have a gas range, the emergency lighting was pretty dim. Sorry if they were tough!

Did you know?

Alumni Hall is the sole remaining single sex residence hall on campus? All others are combined gender by floor or suite. No more need for that warning cry of “Man on the floor”!

Bumper Sticker message of the week:

I’m not lazy … I just really enjoy doing nothing  

 Ok … now it’s time to put the popcorn in the microwave and sit back and enjoy the video! And … in keeping with the context of the video … we would like to add; “See you real soon … why? Because we like you”!

Remember to mark your calendars for all … or, at least, part of June 8th through the 11th. We would love to spend some time together.

Warmest Regards,

John Wilcox, for the Committee; Craig Kelly, Ed Horsley, Emily Watson, Sharon Barone Schardt, Dick Warner, Jim Tepper, Connie Popper Reichardt, John Biddiscombe 

PS: Don’t forget to send your own shareable memories to jwilcox@springfield.edu

March 2017

Dear 1967 Classmates,

Over 60 of our classmates have indicated they hope to attend all or part of our 50th Reunion, June 8 -11 on a campus you will not recognize with all the wonderful improvements that have been made. Won’t you join us for all or any part of a fun filled time on the shores of Lake Massasoit? Please do not worry if you can only attend a portion of the activities as the important thing is to be seen and part of the scene!

Here are some key things to keep in mind as you plan for your return:

  • The Official Class of ’67 Hotel is the Hilton Garden Inn, (413-886-8000) which is offering us special pricing when you tell them you are part of the Springfield College Class of ’67 reunion.
  • Thursday PM is a special class party at Pizzeria Uno’s located right next to our hotel. A great, casual way to kick off the festivities and rumor has it a classmate has offered to pick up the bar tab. Now that alone is a reason to come party with us. Registration for this ’67 only event will be mailed to you soon.
  • All events have been planned to be casual in nature with no jackets and ties required, as the emphasis is on fun and reuniting with old friends, as too many of us have not seen each other since graduation.
  • Please reach out to your former roommates, team mates, dorm mates and friends to encourage them to come join the party.
  • Our very special Class Dinner is on Saturday night in the incredible new student union. We will feature music from our time, yes words you actually can understand and say in mixed company!

As a special memento of our 50th reunion we are doing a MEMORY BOOK filled with notes, updates, fond memories and special greetings from our classmates. We hope everyone will complete the enclosed form and send it in or ask one of your grandchildren to help you do it electronically. Copies of the book will be given to each member of the class at reunion check-in or mailed to those not attending but who submitted an entry for the book. A keepsake we hope you will make even better by adding your memories.

Lastly, we have raised almost $150,000 to help establish the Class of 1967 Emergency Scholarship Fund. Monies from this fund will be used to help an upper-class student who faces the real prospect of having to withdraw from Springfield as they cannot fund their remaining tuition through more loans, grants or family funding. We need to raise another $50,000 and hope you will give of your treasure to give a hand up to a future Springfield College graduate! If you would like your gift to support this fund please write "Class of 1967 Fund" in the memo line of your check. Thank you for considering.

As time marches on this is the best opportunity we have individually and collectively to come together to celebrate a life lived well, remember good times, and rekindle friendships. PLEASE JOIN US ON CAMPUS JUNE 8 – 11 FOR PART OR ALL OF OUR 50TH REUNION. IT WILL NOT BE THE SAME WITHOUT YOU!

Your 50th Reunion Committee
John Biddiscombe, Ed Horsely, Craig Kelly,
Connie Popper Reichardt, Sharon Barone Schardt,
Jim Tepper, Dick Warner, Emily Watson, John Wilcox

February 2017

Dear Class of 1967,

Happy New Year, we made it to 2017. Who actually envisioned being 70+ in the year 2017 fifty years ago? Certainly not your entire reunion committee. The reunion committee is all ready to go and working hard for our 50th reunion...the BIG ONE! Many of us have not been back on campus in ages. There are a lot of positive changes you must see. In a couple of months we will see familiar friends with a few minor grey hairs and bald spots!!

The Reunion committee and the Alumni Relations Office have had many conference calls to make plans to lay the groundwork for a wonderful experience. The first postcards, letters, and emails have gone out already. If you did not receive any of these please contact the Alumni Relations Office with your mailing information and tell us what you have missed. Further details of the entire weekend will be mailed to you over the next few months. June 8, 9, 10, 11 or any portion thereof. Saturday night is casual.

We are asking for a couple of things;

  1. Come back! If you can make it for only a part of the weekend, that's OK. We want to see you! If this is your first reunion, it will be even more fun. Old friendships hardly ever skip a beat even if it has been 50 years. You have been sent a pre-response form, please send it back in the reply envelope. We are personally calling you as well. Help us plan, thanks.
  2. Please reach out to 5 members of the class or friends in other classes, they are welcome to join us. The more, the merrier! We would love to have a strong showing on campus to help celebrate our 50th reunion and a phone call from you just might inspire a classmates to make the decision to attend. It is fun to learn about the journey each has taken.
  3. Give a GIFT! We have set $200,000 and 50 percent participation as the goal for our total class gift, which includes the establishment of the Class of 1967 Emergency Student Assistance Fund. Three members of our class have offered a class giving challenge. Each dollar contributed will be matched, dollar for dollar up to $100,000, making our goal of $200,000 a reachable effort. We are pleased to announce that to date we are well over half way to our goal with dollars contributed and matched totaling $111,714. Please write “Class of 1967 Fund” on the memo line of your check or on the enclosed business-reply envelope if you would like your gift to go to support the Class of 1967 Emergency Student Assistance Fund. Thank you.

The surprises and interesting activities planned will make this weekend worth every minute... Can't wait.

The reunion committee,

Your 50th Reunion Committee
John Biddiscombe, Ed Horsely, Craig Kelly,
Connie Popper Reichardt, Sharon Barone Schardt,
Jim Tepper, Dick Warner, Emily Watson, John Wilcox

September 2016

Dear Class of ’67 Classmates,

Fifty Four years ago this month a group of recent high school graduates arrived on the shores of Lake Massoit, where they donned their beanies, were “fitted” for two stripers, learned to sing “SHOW ME THE SCOTCHMAN” and realized they had to wait a year to take the short cut to the cafeteria in Woods Hall. They started their four year journey as a group and ended it as a Class. Many wonderful memories of good, challenging and the occasional “I really hope nobody finds out I did that” times that were experienced together.  Hard to believe that it was 50 years ago we walked across the stage in the field house received our diplomas from Dr. Locklin and headed out for even scarier times.


A committee of your classmates is hard at work planning a fun, casual and rewarding time for all of us to come home to Springfield. If you cannot come for all the events that is OK, just come for parts that fit your schedule. Most importantly put these dates on the calendar and start taxing your memory as we want to put the emphasis on fun, memories and seeing old friends we have not seen in many years. A 50th reunion is truly a special time and it will not be the same if you do not attend.

Another great reason to attend is to see the many fantastic changes that have taken place on campus. You will not believe it is the same place we called home for four years.

We will be sending you more detailed information on the events, etc..., but right now we ask you to visit alumni resources. This will take you to the alumni resources page where you can update your address. We need your most current contact information, including your email address.

In addition to fun we will be taking on a class gift as all the previous 50th reunion classes have. We are happy to report we have a $50,000 matching gift challenge, so it will be a great opportunity to make a gift to the College of true value from our class for years to come.

In the meantime you can make your hotel reservations by calling the Hilton Garden Inn at (413) 886-8000 with your major credit card. Ask for the “Springfield College Class of 1967” block of rooms.

Please take a minute and fill out the enclosed pre-response form. This is not your formal registration. It is to give us an advanced idea of numbers. You can return it in the enclosed reply envelope.

We are truly looking forward to seeing you back at Springfield next June where the good times will be fondly remembered, hugs will be all around and many a story will be shared. PLEASE COME JOIN US!

Your 50th Reunion Committee

  • John Biddiscombe
  • Craig Kelly
  • Ed Horsely
  • Connie Popper Reichardt
  • Sharon Barone Schardt
  • Jim Tepper
  • Dick Warner
  • Emily Watson
  • John Wilcox

Class of 1967 UNO's Registration Form