Come back to 263 Alden Street for part, if not all of our 45th Reunion June 8-11, 2017.

Class of 1972

January 2017

Greetings from the MacLean Terrace of Alumni Hall! My, haven’t things changed since our graduation in 1972? The Massasoit looks just as beautiful as ever.

Come back to your Alma Mater for part, if not all of our 45th REUNION, on JUNE 8-11, 2017.

  • Take time to visit the old dorm, your room, sit on the trusty study chair and replay Led Zeppelin’s “The Lemon Song” in your head.
  • Do you remember when Dave Meggyesy called Springfield “the Harvard of the Jocks”? It seems like yesterday.
  • Flip back to the time in New Testament class when Dr. Vanderbeck stated, “Who knows what the mind of God is”.
  • Retrace Coach Irv Schmidt’s speed walking path from Judd Gym to the old field house – his record still stands!
  • Speaking of the old field house, do your recall which New England College possessed its sister as an athletic structure?  (Hint: it is a NESCAC school located in Vermont)
  • Or just take in the raw, simple beauty of a campus that, literally, was home during those formative years long ago.

Come and laugh, cry, reminisce, connect with old friends as you look back with your eyes on the future. Join the festivities and commit to a day or two or more at your alma mater.  Reservations can be booked at the Holiday Inn by calling (860) 741-2211 by May, 8, 2017 (ask for the Springfield College 1972 block).

Remember, if our class raises $ 25,000 or more we will recognized in the pavers for the new MacLean Terrace.  We can do this!

Just fill out the pre-response form, with envelope provided, and return it to us for pre planning. We would love to hear from you.

On behalf of our Reunion committee: Peter Burdett, Jeffrey Cadorette, Joyce Cadorette Conlin, 
Jon Davis, Jim Lagomarsino, and Rick Paar we wish you all a safe and wonderful New Year!

November 2016

Greetings from Cheney Dining Hall,

Come back to 263 Alden Street for part, if not all of our 45th Reunion June 8-11, 2017.

Pretty weird times:

  • The Ad Building take over
  • Kicking the back side of the UMASS basketball team starring Dr. J.
  • Linda Ronstadt and The Stone Ponies came to campus
  • The Joni Mitchell concert . . . 3 songs and she was GONE
  • Pete Seeger playing in the old Field House . . . who was still there when the lights came back on?
  • 10 cent beer night at Ciriacco’s
  • Do you remember Stepping Up Day on MacLean Terrace (behind Alumni Hall) . . . well maybe you remember parties better . . . any way the terrace has been restored. Adirondack chairs, a fire pit, social areas, and a pergola . . . what’s a pergola you ask? . . . Come back and find out!

If our class raises a minimum of $25,000 we will be recognized in the pavers on the new MacLean Terrace, along with other reunion classes, forever.

So get back here, have some fun . . . hit the gym, reunion is coming and we need you! In the meantime, make your hotel reservations at the Holiday Inn by calling (860) 741-2211 by 5/8/2017 and ask for the Springfield College-Class of 1972 block.

Enclosed please find a pre response form and reply envelope. Please take a minute to fill it out and return it to assist us in planning.

On behalf of the Reunion Committee: Peter Burdett, Jeffry Cadorette,
Joyce Cadorette Conlin, Jon Davis, Jim Lagomarsino, Roger Park

Rick Paar