Class of 1957

Members of the class of 1957

April 2022

Spring Greetings ’57 Classmates,

Signs of Spring are greeting us in various ways depending on your geographic location!  It’s 85 degrees, feels like 91 in hot and humid Ft Myers, FL, my current location! For Pat Rattenbury in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, it’s 52 and feels like 48! Newsflash Pat and her daughter Barbara are planning to attend. Wherever you are I hope you are well, the daffodils and crocuses are in bloom, and you are looking forward to June and our 65th Reunion!

Key Points and Reminders:

  • June 10-12, 2022: Come to part if not able to attend the whole weekend!
  • Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn, make reservations with your major credit card by calling (413) 886-8000 by May 5, 2022. Ask for the Springfield College Reunion 2022 block of rooms.
  • Registration Materials:  Look for this from the College around April 15th .
  • Some Program Notes:
    • Reeds Landing tour and breakfast Friday 9:30 a.m. guided by Mimi Murray ’61 G’67 and Glenna Linke Ball ’62.
    • Our very own “Windy,” General Winglass will be the Keynote speaker at the Veterans Ceremony on Saturday.
    • WELLNESS INSTITUTE: A new venture by the College to develop and promote wellness.  It is an exciting program being developed by the School of Physical Education, Performance and Sports Leadership.  The stated Vision: Provide a multi-disciplinary, client-centered approach to wellness, deeply embedded in the Humanics philosophy. Both as a physical educator and an “aging adult!”, I was very impressed by this program presented at recent Alumni Council meeting, and hope you will join me in attending some of the presentations.   

***Look for sessions Friday and Saturday in your Program. 

Registration for the sessions is required, with the exception of a nominal fee for the Friday lunch, they are all compliments of the College.

Although we had good representation from our class during the recent Giving Day, we still have not reached our goal for this fiscal year of 45%. If you have not yet had the opportunity to send a gift, please help us reach our 45% participation goal, regardless of the amount of your donation. A reply envelope is enclosed for your convenience. Checks should be made out to Springfield College.

As your Reunion Committee, we are all looking forward to seeing you in June at this, our 65th Reunion!

Diane “Pottsie” Potter, Bob Hoffman,
Anita Holmquist, Norma & Bob Winglass

March 2022

Class of 1957 Classmates,

     There are many stories about the difficulties of surviving Covid. My favorite restaurant is forced to close several days a week for lack of waitresses. AND my favorite college (yes, SC) has been forced to send students home because of unsafe living conditions on campus. My grandson Grady was one of those students.

     As time has passed, President Mary Beth Cooper and her staff have learned to manage their new circumstances while maintaining normal life on campus. They have even managed normal student life while hosting special events such as the Basketball Hall of Fame's basketball tournament, a five day event for high school teams. The College's Sports Management students played key roles in that event.

      If you suspected that I was building up to an ASK you would be correct.  This year's Giving Day is Wednesday, March 9th. Our class of 1957 has always done a commendable job of supporting Giving Day. One of the features is that you can choose to direct your gift to specific program areas. Or simply direct your gift to "where it is most needed".

     So, be on the look-out for a mailing from Springfield College. Our support has always been important, but perhaps especially so this year.

       I am looking forward hopefully to seeing you at our reunion this June.


Robert B. Hoffman

January 2022

Happy New Year ’57 Classmates!

Here is a quick email reminder about our 65th Reunion coming up in June 2022!

 Date: June 9, 10, 11, and 12, 2022 (Thursday – Sunday) Your Committee looks forward to seeing you for all or part of the weekend!

  • Hotel:  Hilton Garden Inn.  Make reservations with your major credit card by calling (413) 886-8000 by May 5, 2022.  Ask for the Springfield College Reunion block of rooms.
  • Shuttle ServiceThere will be scheduled shuttle service from the hotel to the College (schedule will be available at the hotel desk).
  • Golf cart transportation to and from events will be available on campus. Tamie’s army of student “one stripers” will be your drivers!  They are friendly, knowledgeable, and love to talk with Alumni, especially about the SC we knew back in the day!
  • On Friday Dean Sue Guyer, DPE’03 and her faculty in the School of Physical Education, Physiology, and Sports Leadership will introduce “The Wellness Institute of Springfield College”. This will be an opportunity to gain knowledge on physical, mental, and spiritual health throughout the life span.
  • Saturday before dinner we will have an hour and forty-five minutes private class reception during which we will have our business meeting.
  • Saturday dinner: we will join other classes in the tent at the President’s residence for a dinner hosted by President Cooper and husband David.  
  • Class Gift to Annual Fund: last fiscal year 40% of our class gave either before, during or after Giving Day!  This year lets up that to 45%!  Any amount counts toward the % of class members giving.  More on Giving Day will be in the next letter.  Look for it in February!
  • Pre-Response Form: to date we have received a YES from 13 classmates with guest equaling 23 people!!! With 3 NO and 14 MAYBE, those who have not returned their forms yet, please get those forms in ASAP.  A maybe at this point in time is understandable, and you can always make a final decision later.  We would like to hear from 100% of the class so that we have up-to-date contact information for everyone!
  • Come April, watch your mail and email for the official registration brochure.

Wishing you all a healthy and safe 2022.  We look forward to seeing you in June.
Keep an eye out for further communication about Reunion 2022!

With warm regards,


December 2021

Dear Classmates,

Greetings from your Class President, “Pottsie.”  It doesn’t seem possible, but five years have passed, and June 2022 is yet again a Reunion year for our Class, this one our 65th! This is the first of several letters or communications you will receive from me, the Reunion Committee, and/or the Alumni Office about Reunion 2022.

An enclosed Response Form from our Alumni Office is of EXTREME IMPORTANCE! Please return it ASAP (in the enclosed reply envelope) so that we will have at least a beginning idea of who is or might be coming back for this Reunion.

Here are some highlights:

  • Dates: June 9, 10, 11, and 12, 2022 (Thursday - Sunday). Please come for an hour or come for the whole weekend.
  • Hotel: the Hilton Garden Inn. Make reservations with your major credit card by calling (413) 886-8000 by May 5, 2022. Ask for the Springfield College Reunion block.
  • Scheduled Shuttle Service from the hotel to the College will be available.
  • Golf cart transportation to and from events available on campus.
  • Saturday night Reception and Business meeting followed by dinner at President’s house hosted by President Cooper.
  • Pre-Response Form: PLEASE complete and Return ASAP

I hope this letter finds you in good health. At our age, time has a way of making “good health” a relative topic! The continuing presence of the Covid 19 pandemic has been an added concern for many of us. The College has been a model of sound practices for keeping all safe.

Keep a look out for further communications about Reunion 2022!

With warm regards,


Class of 1957 Officers: Diane Potter, President; Bill Roberts,
Vice President, Fund Raising; Bob Pataky, Vice President,

Reunion Committee: Bob Hoffman, Anita Jones Holmquist,
Bob Winglass, and Norma Weaver Winglass


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