class of 1975

Reunion 2020 June 11-14

Members of the class of 1975

December 2019

Dear Class of '75 and Friends,

As the dark days of winter take hold, many begin to dream and plan for brighter day escapes. The Springfield College 45th Reunion for the Class of '75 and Friends should go on your calendars as one of those adventures. Scheduled for June 11 to June 14, 2020, this get-away will offer a wonderful time of good talk, memories, laughter, and lots of dancing, food, and time spent with friends who remember us when youth was our guide. 

The Executive Committee of Karen Moodie-Gallagher, Laura White Marks, Bonnie Bridgeman Brackett, Barbara Raymond Ernst, Sue Fisher Hurley, Mary Everett Larrivee, Nancy Henika Blake, Laurie Dodge Knauer, Class President Kevin O'Sullivan, and co-chairs Pat O'Reilly and Diana Peckham have met in person and on phone conferences with Alumni Office personnel and are working hard to plan and organize this four-day celebration. We have set up several committees and designated chairs for each: Food/Decorations - Laura, Laurie, Karen, Barb, Bonnie; Silent Auction - Laura, Nancy, Mary; Dinner Program- Pat, Kevin, Diana; Class Souvenir and Commemorative Gift - Pat, Diana, Karen; Memorial - Barbara, Karen, Sue; and Communications - Diana. Each group will be looking for volunteers, so please contact Diana so she can forward your name to the appropriate chairs. 

Many of you listed for the class or as friends do not have emails given or your emails listed have bounced back. Please contact the AO (and Diana) to update your email address. Additionally, please download the enclosed pre-response form below and respond to This is not your formal registration. It is simply to provide a tentative idea of numbers for planning purposes. Please know that those of you who are snowbirds, we will not have your snail mail sent to your "warm" address unless it is formally on file at S.C. Letters, cards, and forms will also be sent in the coming months. And there will be a Facebook contact point, for which details are still being set, so look in a month or so for that connection, and check the back here for updates, too.

We have scheduled a number of private class events which do not conflict with SC's events (which you will hear more about later): a number of socials, receptions, and gatherings; our class dinner and dancing to live music (the Who Knows Band, featuring '74 and '75 players!). We hope you will join us for at least a day or an evening if you have a conflicting commitment, but we want you to come back for what you can!

Heading our "money committee" is Treasurer Mary and class fundraising agents Bonnie and Sue. Our class treasury is at a better starting point than it was five years ago, but all this fun takes time, effort, and some money to pull off. So we ask you to do two things:

  1. Make a pledge for the class gift which counts towards your annual gift-giving to Springfield College. This can be paid by credit card or check (note on memo line, "Class of '75 SC Fund Gift"). To make your donation online go to We would love to set records for the class with the highest participation and a significant dollar amount which we will hear more about later. If you have never given before, any amount ($100, $75, $45, $15) helps to increase both those numbers. Springfield College continues to offer amazing programs which "educate students in spirit, mind, and body for leadership in service to others." New facilities and faculty, broader outreach into the community and expansion of the college's mission have all worked to carry its name and reputation far and wide, as many of you have done throughout your own careers, setting by example, mentoring and leading others in the Humanics philosophy. The world in which we live needs our Alma Mater more than ever. S.C. needs all of its alumni for support to stay strong for generations to come.
  2. Along with the aforementioned pre-response form, include payment for class dues, set at $45.75 (Duh!) and which are not tax-deductible and can only be paid by cash or check (note on the memo line, "Class of '75 dues") to help pay for all private class events. As noted above, we will also be working to fatten the class piggy bank with a silent auction. Donations from class members must have a bottom-line value of $50, per the AO, and can include baskets of goodies, craft items, vacation rentals. All will be on display during registration and presented during the class dinner. And to help create the class souvenir/commemorative item, we are asking for pictures you have of '75 people and events. Send those to Pat in a jpeg format and identify the place/event and the people from left to right.

Once again our class will be housed in International. It is where all of our socials and receptions will be held, as it allows access to bigger facilities in the basement and the deck out back and keeps us centrally located. The class of '75 will not offer any off-campus accommodations, so if you're not into "dorm glamping" (Bring a couple of bigger towels and a fan if the forecast says it's gonna be hot!). If you choose not to stay in International, we suggest the Alumni Relation Block at the Hilton Garden. Call (413) 886-8000 with your major credit card by May 13, 2020 for the rate of $155.00/night.

Most of us have reached the age of retirement, or at least applying for Medicare, and are starting to seek out completion of bucket list goals. Hopefully, coming back, at least once, to an SC Class of '75 Reunion is on your list. We want to see as many of you as possible if only for a few hours, to renew the friendships and revive the memories that made us all laugh and dance and sing and play in your youth. Father Time keeps marching forward, and Mother Nature is taking no prisoners, so grab the days and moments planned for June, even as we note those already lost and move with replacement parts, canes, and walkers, to come talk, dance, laugh, and listen to the tales of our lives' adventures.

Yours in SC Spirit,

Bonnie Bridgman Brackett -

Karen Moodie-Gallagher -

Sue Fisher Hurley -

Laurie Dodge Knauer -

Mary Everett Larrivee

Laura White Marks

Patricia O'Reilly -

Kevin O'Sullivan -

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