class of 1995

Reunion 2020 June 11-14

Members of the class of 1995

December 2019

Happy Holidays classmates of the Class of 1995!

We are excited to let you know that we are planning for our 25 year class reunion! Yes, it’s our silver anniversary – hard to believe! Mark your calendars for Reunion Weekend, June 11 – 14, 2020. I know we all feel an immense amount of “pride” as graduates of Springfield College. There truly is no place like SC. Our home has evolved over the years, including a rising in the rankings of our nationally recognized academic programs, new and renovated top-notch facilities, a stronger than ever Athletics program, and an expansion in community service outreach. What is stronger than ever is the heart and soul of Springfield College – the Humanics philosophy – Educating students in spirit, mind, and body for leadership in service to others. Our foundation as undergraduates was built on this and I know we all have taken its meaning and the Triangle it represents with us since leaving Alden Street.

We would love to see members of the Class of ’95 for whatever part of the weekend you can make it – whether for a few hours or a few days! Hotel information will be shared after the holidays so that you are able to make arrangements for lodging. As we close out the year and move towards the start of 2020, please consider our Alma Mater when you are thinking about philanthropic giving. The young people that Springfield College continues to train do indeed go out and make our world a better place. Each classmate’s gift (no matter the amount) helps keep this College, which means so much to so many, safe for many generations to come.   For more information and to make a gift, visit

Please fill out the pre-response form to provide an advanced idea of numbers. It’s not a formal registration and a business reply envelope is enclosed for convenience.

It’s a great time to return to the Birthplace of Basketball, where everyone says hello and holds the door open for others, where we started out in freshmen beanies or transfer hats, and walking on the grass was frowned upon. Let’s “Raise a Song for Springfield” and reconnect as we celebrate our 25th Reunion! Watch for more information in the coming weeks.

Wishing you well for the holidays, and we look forward to seeing you back on campus June 11-14, 2020.

Class of ’95 Reunion Committee:

Jennifer DiPrete

Martha Whittaker Byrd

Colleen Cronin

Michelle Poulin Kinsella