During these uncertain times, Springfield College alumni shared some words of encouragement for our students, whose lives are being disrupted by the coronavirus.

We hope that these Words of Encouragement will inspire our students and remind you that your relationship with Springfield College does not end when you graduate. The Office of Alumni Relations is here to assist you in any way that we can.

Always pay it forward! If something has been done to help you, then sincerely acknowledge it, but more importantly pay it forward. We are stronger as a community than as doing things alone. So always pay it forward!
As your semester comes to a close it is my wish to all of you that you continue to stay resilient and encouraged. This too shall pass!
This has been such a tough time for everyone, so give yourself room to feel the full range of your feelings (mad, sad, relief, confusion, grief). Know there is no "right" way of coping with the current situation so do the best you can and trust that. Focus on what you HAVE vs. what you don't and focus on what you KNOW vs. what you don't to help manage things when they feel overwhelming. You got this!
When times are tough (um, now!) remember that SC always has your back... from networks of alumni that will go the extra mile for you, to professors that give you as much wisdom as they do knowledge, to the humanics philosophy that lives in your heart. Ever stand in a circle and everyone sits down at once on the legs of the person behind them? No one falls; everyone is being held up by someone else, while holding someone them self. That's what SC is! We will hold you up as best we can right now, as you will do for others.
I graduated in May 2005 with my Health Service Administration, minor health studies. I was one of two that won the Grinspoon Entrepreneur grant that year. I won it for my business plan to open a Birth and Community Center in Springfield, MA. I then when on to receive my Nursing, BSN. I am a member of the American Association of Birth Centers, website: birthcenters.org. During this time we are working to create safe birthing options for women, and their families in the state of Massachusetts and across the country.
I tell you this because I have learned through difficult times, it is then, we become our most creative, persistent, collegiate selves! You will get through this because you are inspiring and amazing! And you have people that love you and believe in you! You have more people cheering you on than you know!
Know right now, you can do hard things! Be safe and well! We need you!!
What amazing human beings you are, Springfield College students! Before this pandemic, I was already impressed with you, so dedicated to service and leadership and shining as you do academically, going well beyond learning to meet requirements. I love how you engage so deeply in reflection on the WHY of what you are learning, and how you commit to application of you learning in creative ways. I know it's sometimes hard to envision now, yet I am positive that these trying times are going to enrich who we all are as family members, friends, professionals, community leaders, and volunteers for decades to come. I can't wait to see you back on campus!
Anderson Diáz
Class of 1998, Class of 2006
During these trying times it’s best to maintain a routine. Listening to music, dancing, playing board games, reading, etc. can help establish a sense of normalcy. Remain connected. Your fellow classmates and faculty are a great source of support.
Our Wonderful Students: I hope this message finds you and all you love doing well. The theme of my message is simple: You're amazing! As an alumnus and employee, I have had the privilege of being associated with Springfield College for 36 years. In my role as an Admissions Officer, I have talked with hundreds of alumni, friends of the College, and school counselors about what has changed at the College over the years. Of course, I talk about changes; the changes in our physical plant, the variety of programs we offer, enrollment growth etc. But, I always share that the one constant is our students. Our students continue to be amazing individuals who are committed to our mission, dedicated to their studies, contributing members of the campus community and the community at large. You are now proving that you are resilient! I am so proud of the manner in which you have tackled these challenging times. All of us at the College understand that many of you are facing difficulties with changing situations in your life, outside of your academic responsibilities. We are here to support you; please don't forget that. In spite of all you're dealing with, you have stepped up in amazing ways to support our College. Many of you have reached out to the Admissions Office to ask: how can we help to assure accepted students that we understand they're struggling with difficult decisions on college enrollment for the fall? We took you up on your offers over and over again and you have delivered! Again, you are proving that you're amazing. THANK YOU on behalf of the entire College community. We all wish you well as you complete your academic work for the semester. Please know that we miss you terribly and think of you often! Stay well and keep in touch.
I have always believed that with great challenge comes great opportunity. While Covid-19 has disrupted your routines, and put a hiatus on your time on Alden St-know that no disease or world chaos can put a hiatus on the relationships you have built, and the Spirit Mind and Body mantra. You will help lead us into a new normal, and we will all learn and adapt together. We got this!! Stay positive.
Look out for each other during this time. We will all get through this however a strong sense of community is critical. In a college setting, there is always pressure and deadlines, etc. Help each other avoid turning to alcohol and other substances to manage these pressures, etc. The impact of peer influence especially in uncertain times is powerful and long lasting. Be that person who will rise above, be a source of positive energy who looks out for your fellow students, etc is lesson in leadership and further embodies the humanics philosophy of Springfield College.
Took me 38 years to complete my degree - Bachelor of Science - Human Services. What intervened? LIFE! College 1964 - 1967. Academic Suspension. Drafted United States Army 1968. Trained as Infantryman - Vietnam Service April 1969 - March 1970 - yup fifty years ago. Married 50 years ago (September 19, 1970) to girlfriend who supported me during my combat tour with 101st Airborne Division Apr 1969 - March 1970 as an infantry platoon sergeant in the Ashau Valley and during operation Lamar Plain around Tam Ky Vietnam. Go ahead - Google it! I did and cannot believe the AAR! Was in Sharon Lane's ward when she was the only nurse killed as a result of hostile fire (122mm rockets) Devastating! So this Corona Virus thing - I take extremely seriously. It is screwing with our world as we know it. As adaptable Springfield College alumni and staff and students, we'll take what life has to offer and get our revised lives together and make our dreams happen with renewed emphasis on what really matters - family, close friends, and your futures - resilience!
We did not need this new crises but know that in your darkest times you rely on family & humanity to get you through. You are part of a caring & nurturing college dedicated to your whole development. Your time at Springfield will lift you throughout the journey & give you skills & memories that endure. Stay connected...stay strong!
You are being remembered. I was organizing my books (hunkered down in Northwest Florida) - when I decided to take a break and check my laptop life. Found this opportunity to share. Good idea, Springfield College! Then, of course, what to say in a concise way. Knowing I needed to write now, as after I closed my laptop - new posts later in the day would be filling the space. And I may not return to you.
I did graduate in '68, some have said, challenging times. And now - you find yourself in 2020 facing times in the realm of unbelievability. As I look down at the books I just pulled from the shelf...I see Henri Nouwen, Enos Mills, Isabella L. Bird - facing up at me....and also - How To Read Nature by Tristan Cooley. As you can tell - I must have been in the outdoor spiritual hiking section. I opened the book about "reading nature", looked at the chapter headings...and each one seemed to speak to what many of you may be feeling. Looked at the back cover - a quote from the Wall Street Journal spoke to me, perhaps you.......
"For those inclined to solve mysteries written into the landscape, this author's lead is one they'll want to follow." Are you feeling/knowing you are in a mysterious landscape time? Not knowing the outcome..... Along with poets, music, life stories, faith, I leave you with this..........
May you find your path. May you remember spirit, mind, and body. May you embrace the grief, embrace the joy, embrace the life at the moment and in the moments to come.
Are you still reading? :) YOU are being encouraged. I know that's all I needed to say. By writing to you, think I may be delaying the chore of organizing books. Thanks for providing ME a personal encouragement moment - remembering my SC times. They will last a lifetime. Spirit hugs sent your way.
Kylie & Anthony
We recently came across this quote and it made us think of our students, especially our senior class: "If the fire in your heart is strong enough, it will burn away any obstacle that comes your way.” That is exactly what Springfield College students have - fire in their hearts, a level of passion that sets them apart, and a willingness to achieve; regardless of the challenges that come their way. Because we know each one of you possesses these qualities, we believe that you will get through this uncertain time; that WE will get through this uncertain time. The entire Springfield College community is here for you and willing to lend a listening ear or offer a helping hand. WE are Springfield College. YOU are Springfield College. TOGETHER, we can do anything. In spirit, mind, and body, we are wishing you all the best and here for you always. -Kylie & Anthony
To all the PA students out there- keep on studying. This won't be the last pandemic we will see in our lifetimes, and we will need YOU to be ready when the next one comes around. Thank you for choosing medicine and dedicating the time and effort to learn.
2010 & 2012
I am so proud of you! May God bless you and your family during this time!
Charles R
Brinkman III MD
Hang in there, this too will pass and you will look back on this as one of the many trials encountered on the trail of life.
Robert "Bob"
Speaking as President of the Class of 1956, we are looking forward to attending our 65th reunion in June 2021. With our class members in their mid to late 80's, we have seen many world wide events which had so much influence on our lives, the lives of family members and classmates that we send our heartfelt thanks to all those who are putting their lives on the line to care for those suffering from the current pandemic. Our support goes out to the Springfield College Administration for their decision to cancel the 2020 Reunion. This decision was made with the health and safety of all returning alumni and the hundreds of workers involved in the week-end activities of up most importance. On an up-side note, our classmates who are physically able to attend will be looking forward to re-uniting with friends from the Class of 1955. The lessons learned during our time at Springfield have made us strong and taught us that service to community is so important at this time. We wish everyone in the college community and alumni family a safe and healthy year and looking forward to the 2021 Reunion.
Robert "Bob"
As President of the Class of 1956, we are looking forward to our 65th reunion on the Springfirld College campus.
It doesn't take me to tell you that the world is going through an unprecedented epidemic. The most important thing to know is that you are not alone. We are all in this together. And the truth is that we will come out on the other side better, faster, stronger and more prepared. My recommendation, stay away from the news. Embrace your friends, family and community support. Stay positive. Remember your humanics philosophy of spirit, mind and body. Keep all aspects of your life healthy. And when you reach the end of the internet and Netfilx, hopefully you will all be back to school and surrounded on the friendly confines of SC. Don't walk on the grass and make sure to say hi to everyone. :)
'99, G'02
I think the most impactful advice in this most unprecedented time is to confirm that the Springfield College network runs deep. You will always have lasting relationships with your teammates, professors, & coaches but what you may not know yet is that your degree and experience at SC will connect you with thousands of alumni who are willing to lend a hand and possibly even open a door for you professionally.

I wish you the best of luck as you finish this year and move into your next one. If your next one is beyond college, don't hesitate to tap into the network!
Since coming to the college 1.5 years ago the thing that has struck me the most is this second family feeling that I get with my colleagues, faculty, administration, and mostly the students. And like my home family, I am thinking about my second family, about how you all are doing, what I can do to help, and sending positivity to you all. And because we are a family I know everyone else is to, it's what family does for one another! The human spirit is strong and we will get through this and be stronger and more resilient on the other side of this. United We Stand... Springfield Pride!
'95, G'97
You're not alone. It may feel it some days, but you're not. Being away from our friends and being home just stinks sometimes. We just want to get together and hang out ( I know I want to see my friends for Friendship Fridays) like we used to. We don't just want it, but we need it.

We chose Springfield because we are people that thrive when we connect with others. We are better when we have our community... our SC family. Times like now remind us just how important and special our time is or was at SC. We know we'd do anything for our Springfield family.

There is no better time than now to serve and lead. By being home and staying away from our SC family, we are serving others. We aren't spreading the virus and infecting our friends. Be being home, we are showing leadership. In times of crisis, true leaders emerge. Those that are willing to put others before self. I know this is who we are. Right now, we are living the Humanics philosophy. I could not be prouder to call myself a Springfield alum.

Remember, you are not alone.
Para los estudiantes hispanos, mi nombre es Tobías Gómez, M.Sc. Health Promotion and Wellness Management 1994. Un aliento para seguir adelante desde Costa Rica, mantengan sus metas intactas, solo modifiquen la forma de lograrlas. Hasta aquí han salido adelante, no hay motivo para no seguir. Los mejores éxitos.
As an SC grad my biggest take away was how students, alumni and faculty always looked out for one another. During this time of need, the values/beliefs of the SC community will lead the way both personally and professional. Let's take a step back and remember what brought us to SC and more importantly what we can bring to our family, friends and co workers: the sense of looking out for one another and helping those in need.

For all the current SC students it is true when you hear "Springfield people love to hire Springfield people" because of what brought us to campus, the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself. That does not go away, it strengthens over time. Your best years are ahead of you, keep things in perspective and know you are part of a special bond - The Springfield Way.
Hello to all my AMSL101-21 friends! I wanted to tell you that nothing can break the strong community we've created with our ASL class. We've made connections that we will continue to nurture from afar. We will strive to maintain the interactive, face-to-face nature of our work. I vow to prepare you well for completing our course and making this transition as pain-free as possible. I believe in your ability - don't waver in your commitment to daily practice to hone your skills. WE CAN DO THIS!
D'Agostino Crawford
Springfield College is a family like no other. We will get through this as we have many other challenges. Stay strong and be kind to others. We are a community that is here for one another. :) Please be sure to keep in touch with your Springfield College family members....whether it be your classmates, teammates, counselor, friends, faculty or favorite staff person as we are all linked together by the Triangle and what it stands for. We are Springfield Strong!
I’m a retired educator who worked for over 30 years as a career counselor and academic advisor. My husband is a professor who transitioned his classes to an online format and Is working with his students in this new way. We discussed these three pieces of advice: First, it’s so important to COMMUNICATE with your professors if there’s something you don’t understand. They want to hear from you. Second, create a consistent SCHEDULE for yourself and give yourself breaks to relax. And, most importantly, keep your SENSE OF HUMOR. Someday, this will be a great story to tell others. SC is a family. We’re with you.
Life is a series of seasons. You win some and you lose some. Some bring joy and others may bring challenges. You can only control how you play the game, which should be to the best of your ability and guided by principles.

The principles you will learn at Springfield will guide you through any of life's seasons.

Selflessly serve others.
Be human. Smile and greet everyone.
Live with humility and with an obnoxious amount of positivity.
Show Respect (we don't walk on the grass)
Develop and balance the whole self in Spirit, Mind and Body.

Don't be overwhelmed with a tough season. You have all you need deeply rooted in our Springfield principles to live an impactful and fulfilled life!
I feel so blessed to still be on duty in my faculty role RIGHT NOW in the midst of such uncertainty if only for this moment to encourage you - OUR STUDENTS! Be encouraged as you continue despite these circumstances to pursue your degree - WHY?
My Springfield degree has hung over my desk my entire career as a reminder that I am well prepared to lead and serve because of all those who invested heavily in me, and from all the inspiration gained from embracing the notion of ever-developing in Spirit, Mind and Body. I am seeing every day how our leadership team and all our employee groups are mobilizing, transitioning, and adapting FOR YOU! I am also part of a class of alums, and have many, many alumni in my life - including incredible colleagues... I am confident that much inspiration will soon be coming your way. I am also fully confident that you - our students - will grow from these challenging times, even as you are leading and serving RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE. All the best, Coach "D" '79
Sending some encouragement and good vibes out to the Springfield College community. Focus on what you can control, you have the choice to get up everyday and put the work in to get you successfully to the end of the semester. Be kind, help out a friend and ask for help when you need it. Your faculty and the staff at Springfield will be there by your side (virtually) cheering you on.. along with your friends, family and people like me who believe in you. You got this!
It's been many years since I was a student like you. I have always felt and even more so now that the most I got from my four years at Springfield were the face to face encounters with fellow students, faculty and staff. The beliefs and focus of the Springfield family has proven to be amongst the most valuable experiences I've had in my (fortunately) long life. The way I view people and the world were formed and confirmed by my Springfield experience. I realize that these times and problems are a challenge for us all. But I believe you have had an experience at Springfield, whether it's the end of your first year of you fourth year, has prepared you for exactly this kind of experience and world. I think the most valuable thing I can offer are these words and my heartfelt thoughts of all of you. As contrite as it may sound, we will all gain strength and a better, more humane view of our world. Be strong, be open and caring.
You are our future. I'm proud to have met so many of you in the past few years. Wonderfully inspiring young people exist at Springfield College. You will always remain in my heart. Bless you all. Stay safe and stay strong, you will survive this.
everything is an experience. I know things are NOT going as planned, but that mantra has been keeping me moderately sane - try it out. you’ll be just fine, keep going and what you can!
Hang in here. At 76, I am in the group with the highest concern. But recent stats indicate that young adults may also be vulnerable. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE! Stay safe and stay positive. I would be happy to chat with anyone interested. I am a retired educator after 50 years as teacher, principal and college professor, I also served in the Peace Corps in Bolivia, and taught at Inter American University in Ponce , PR. araypetty@msn.com
when events like this occur, it brings out a person's real character , their inner strength, their creativity , their adapting to a different norm and with their self determination to see a crisis through , life truly is a series of ups, downs, and at your younger age ( some more vulnerable than others) just know you're in for a lifetime of challenges so just hold onto that grit you have and of course keeping a sense of humor is important , not to dismiss this "crisis" but humor keeps stress at bay , its healthy to laugh , its good for the body, good for the soul and its infectious, (no pun intended here) take time to reflect daily on what's important to you and remember to slow down some and know this will pass and we will have learned alot more about the human spirit and its incredible beautiful process thats always evolving ,,, Springfield College promotes "body, mind, spirit" its essential because its all connected and as you live many many more years you'll understand it more and a little side note here , i miss my beautiful dog walker from the school ,NB, she works so hard and is so conscientious , such a good role model for the young and i know with young people like her,,, this world will be better off.
Dear Springfield College students.. please stay strong & keep the faith, thru this COVID-19 pandemic. Stay true to yourself & the SC motto.. spirit, mind & body strong. We will all get thru this & you have the support of all of alumni, in addition to your parents, families, friends & most importantly, our creator!
God bless you all,
Elaine Pappas Marshall class of 1977
I graduated from the master of education program in clinical mental health counseling, and I can’t imagine trying to complete that program online- HOWEVER, the professors and mentors that I gained through that program are amazing, and I know you are going to get the same top of the line lessons online as you would have in person!
Keep up the good work, we are a PRIDE at SC and we got this!!!!
Live the SC motto, "Spirit, Mind and Body"!!