Celebrate your success

Laurels is a biannual publication that highlights faculty, staff, and student achievement. It is produced each semester by the Office of Communications.

Each issue features submissions of success in publications, presentations, awards, appointments, committees, grants, research, and other areas of interest. 

Old issue of Laurels

Guidelines for Submissions

We ask that all Laurels contributions follow these guidelines.

  • Submissions should be in the past tense. Individuals should wait to submit his or her publication, presentation, conference, or other endeavor until after it has occurred. This ensures that Laurels is as accurate as possible.
  • Submissions should include all pertinent information. This varies for each submission, but name, title(s), degree(s) held, type of submission, official title or name of the publication/conference/award, date, and location (if applicable) are helpful.
  • Submissions should be accurate. The Office of Communications checks submissions for accuracy. However, individuals who submit to Laurels are ultimately responsible for the veracity of his or her accomplishments.
  • Submissions regarding conferences and presentations should happen off campus. Springfield College events, or events held on the Springfield College campus, may not be featured. 
  • Submissions should be newsworthy. The Office of Communications reserves the right to make edits, additions, or deletions to submitted items or to any part of a print or electronic publication that does not coincide with Springfield College standards in its content, design, or editorial style.

The publication also abides by the following editorial style guidelines.