Jessica L. Barrett, PhD, assistant professor of athletic training, co-authored “Work-life balance in higher education for women: Perspectives of athletic training faculty” in the July-September 2018 issue of the Athletic Training Education Journal. In the same journal, Barrett co-authored “Balancing the roles of a junior faculty member: Perspectives from athletic training and physical therapy” in the January-March 2019 issue.

Donna Chapman, PhD, RD, (pictured) Donna Chapmanassociate professor and nutritional sciences program director, co-authored “Lactation assessment tools: A qualitative analysis of registered nurses’ perceptions of tool limitations and suggested improvements” in the Journal of Human Lactation in November 2018.

Julia Chevan, PhD, professor of physical therapy, co-authored “Epidemiology of spinal deformities among secondary school children in Rwanda” in the African Journal for Physical Activity and Health Sciences in 2019.

Laurel R. Davis-Delano, PhD, professor of sociology, co-authored “An inductive analysis of young adults’ conceptions of femininity and masculinity and comparison to established gender inventories” in Gender Issues in 2019. Her co-authors include 

Elizabeth Morgan, PhD, associate professor of psychology at Springfield College; and Michael C. Parent (lead author), Nathaniel W. Woznicki, and Alisha Denson-Floyd, all from the University of Texas at Austin. 

Katherine Dugan, PhD, assistant professor of religion, authored the chapter “iPrayer: Catholic prayer apps and twenty-first century Catholic subjectivities” in the book Anthropological Perspectives on the Religious Uses of Mobile Apps in 2019. She also authored “Unplanned and contemporary pro-life activism” in Feminist Studies in Religion blog in June 2019. And she authored “Catholic missionaries are evangelizing on college campuses and trying to bring back the ‘nones’” in The Conversation in April 2019. 

Joy D. Erickson, PhD, assistant professor of language arts and literacy, authored “Primary students’ emic views of reading intervention: A qualitative case study of motivation” in Literacy Research: Theory, Method, and Practice in 2019. She also co-authored “Preschool as a wellspring for democracy: Endorsing traits of reasonableness in early childhood education” in Democracy & Education in 2019.

Nina EsakiNina Esaki, PhD, (pictured) assistant professor of social work, co-authored “Easing the journey home: Creating sanctuary for military veterans” in the Journal of Social Work Practice in September 2019. 

Erin E. Futrell, PhD, assistant professor of physical therapy, co-authored “Transition to forefoot strike reduces load rates more effectively than altered cadence” in the Journal of Sport and Health Science in June 2019. 

Robert N. Lussier, ScD, emeritus professor of business management, co-authored three articles: “Success versus failure prediction model for small businesses in Ghana” in the Journal of African Business in June 2019; “Differences in management styles, levels of profitability, and performance across generations, and the development of the family business success model” in the Journal of Organization Change Management in February 2019; and “Small business success or failure prediction: A comparative study in Ghana and Israel” in the Journal of Applied Business and Economics in January 2019.

Stephen MarisStephen A. Maris, PhD, (pictured) assistant professor of exercise science, authored “Interactions of the DASH diet with the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system” in Current Developments in Nutrition in September 2019.

Christine May, PhD, assistant professor of psychology, authored “Interest in and barriers to participation in a Facebook-delivered weight loss program among female cancer survivors with overweight or obesity” in mHealth in 2019. She also co-authored “Reporting of physical activity device measurement and analysis protocols in lifestyle interventions” in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine in 2019. May also authored “Reward sensitivity relates to automatic approach motivation for exercise: Preliminary validity for the exercise-approach avoidance task” in Open Science Journal of Psychology in 2019.

Elizabeth Morgan, PhD, (pictured) associate professor of psychology, authored “Does your research really matter? Revitalizing public engagement in the study of emerging adulthood” in Emerging Adulthood in 2019.Elizabeth Morgan

Kristen Ouellette, PhD, assistant professor of applied exercise science, authored “Physical activity patterns among individuals before and soon after bariatric surgery” in Obesity Surgery in October 2019. 

Francesca Spina, PhD, assistant professor of criminal justice and department chair, co-authored “Exploring how Latino political representation influences environmental enforcement” in Sociological Perspectives in 2019. She also co-authored the book Massachusetts’s criminal justice system, published in 2019. Her co-author is Lorenzo M. Boyd, an associate professor and chair of the Criminal Justice Department at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. 

Charlie SullivanJoseph F. Stano, PhD, emeritus professor of disability studies, wrote a chapter titled “Psychological Assessment and Vocational Evaluation” in Introduction to Human Services and Rehabilitation, published in July 2019.

Charlie Sullivan, MEd, (pictured) professor of physical education and head men’s volleyball coach, co-authored “Winning the game of belief: Cultivating the cultural grit that defines America’s greatest coaches” published by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers in July 2019.

Joseph M. Wronka, PhD, professor of social work, authored “An advanced generalist social work approach to solitary confinement” in Social Workers Against Solitary Confinement in October 2019.

Conferences and Presentations

Simone B. Alter-Muri, EdD, professor of art therapy/counseling and art education, presented “Post-historical trauma and border syndrome” at the American Art Therapy Association Conference in Kansas City, Mo., in October 2019.

Thomas CartyThomas Carty, PhD, (pictured) professor of history, was invited to speak on the topic, “The Road to the White House” at the University of Saint Ignatius Loyola, in Lima, Peru, in June 2019.

Donna Chapman, PhD, RD, associate professor and nutritional sciences program director, presented “Healthy eating:  A ‘head start’ to your busy school year” at the Holyoke Chicopee Springfield Regional Head Start Conference in Springfield, Mass., in August 2019. 

Andrea C. Coppola, OTD, assistant professor of occupational therapy, presented “Impact of an interprofessional acute care high-fidelity simulation on graduate occupational and physical therapy students” at the American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference in New Orleans, La., in April 2019. 

Laurel R. Davis-Delano, PhD, professor of sociology, presented “How the ‘casino Indian’ stereotype and presence of Native nation gaming relate to white opposition to Native nation sovereignty” at a meeting of the Five College Native and Indigenous Studies Program in Amherst, Mass., in October 2019. Her co-authors on the paper are Renee V. Galliher of Utah State University, Kirsten Matoy Carlson of Wayne State University, Arianne Eason from the University of California at Berkley, and Stephanie Fryberg from the University of Michigan. The data discussed in their paper is derived from one of three studies funded by a $65,000 grant from the Reclaiming Native Truth Project.

Linda C. Davis-Delano, PhD, professor of physical education and director of educator preparation and licensure, co-presented “Paradigm Shift,” an initiative of the Western Massachusetts Diverse Teacher Workforce Coalition at the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education statewide Diversity Network Convening held in Worcester, Mass., in October 2019.  

Nina Esaki, PhD, assistant professor of social work, co-presented “Measuring the quality of social capital on a nonprofit board: An indicator of organizational performance” at the Network for Social Work Management Conference in Chicago, Ill., in May 2019.

Before he retired as professor of business administration, Robert Fiore, DBA, presented his paper “The calculation of the probability of new venture success and its impact on strategic management” at the Northeast Decision Science Institute Annual Conference (sponsored by Penn State University) in Philadelphia, Pa., in April 2019.  

Erin E. Futrell, PhD, assistant professor of physical therapy, presented “Gait retraining and other interventions for injured runners” at the University of Rhode Island Chinese Olympic Delegation Conference at the University of Rhode Island, Kingston, R.I., in October 2019. 

Christine Johnston, MPH, assistant director of alcohol and other drug education, presented “Escape the vape” at an Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention program in Nantucket, Mass., in April 2019. Stephanie Logan

Stephanie R. Logan, EdD, (pictured) associate professor of education and Department of Education chair, presented “African American history and culture: What white teachers should know” at the National Association for Multicultural Education Conference in Tucson, Ariz., in November 2019. 

Before retiring from Springfield College, Linda L. Marston, PhD, former director of grants and sponsored research, received the American Association of State Colleges and Universities Grants Resource Center (GRC) inaugural Rock Star Award for her contributions to the profession and the organization as a GRC member and an elected advisory board member. At its February 2019 meeting, Marston co-presented “Ready or not: The push on faculty to pursue external funding at predominantly undergraduate institutions.”

Charles MilchCharles Milch, MHP, MBA, PA-C, (pictured) associate professor of allied health sciences and chair of the Department of Physician Assistant Studies, was a panelist for a presentation on “Information on substance use versus abuse” at the Massachusetts Association of Physician Assistants Fall CME Conference held at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Worcester, Mass., in October 2019.

Kathleen T. Mellano, PhD, assistant professor of exercise science, co-presented “ImPerfect consulting: How mistakes and challenges shape your practice” at the Association for Applied Sport Psychology Annual Conference in Portland, Ore., in October 2019. 

Jeffrey L. Monseau, college archivist, co-presented “The influence of Chinese Springfield College alumni on Chinese basketball in the Olympic movement” at the Center for the Sociocultural Sport and Olympic Research Conference at California State University at Fullerton in March 2019. His co-presenter was Wanjiang Zhou, CAGS’18.

Elizabeth Morgan, PhD, associate professor of psychology, presented “An inductive analysis of young adults’ conceptions of femininity and masculinity and comparison to established gender inventories” at the Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood Conference in Toronto, Canada, in October 2019. 

Laurel R. Davis-Delano, PhD, professor of sociology, was a co-author on the paper.

James G. O’Brien, PhD, associate professor of physics and mathematics, and chair of the Department of Math, Physics, and Computer Science, co-presented “It’s all fun and games until someone learns” at the American Association of Physics Teachers Summer Meeting in Provo, Utah, in July 2019. O’Brien also was an invited colloquium speaker in September 2019 for the physics department at the University of Massachusetts Lowell where he presented work titled, “The radial acceleration and Tully-Fisher relations.”

Jessica Poser, EdD, MFA, assistant professor of art and community engagement and director of the William Blizard Gallery, presented “Qualities of engagement: The community as rhizome” at the Arts in Society Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, in June 2019. She also presented “Space is a container” at the gallery at Create Community in Cold Spring, N.Y., in November 2019.

Wayne Rodrigues, MEd, assistant professor and certified athletic trainer, presented “Assessment and management of respiratory emergencies” at the South Padre Athletic Trainer’s Seminar in South Padre Island, Texas, in June 2019. 

John E. Roland, PhD, (pictured) Springfield College Wilmington professor and coordinator of the clinical mental health counseling program, and Debra P. John RolandSalsi, former faculty member, co-presented “Psychological elements that create a safe environment for extracting the organizational story during the mirror effect” at the Socio-economic Approach to Management Conference sponsored by ISEOR Research Center, a division of the Academy of Management in Lyon, France, in June 2019. Roland also co-presented as a panelist on “Suicide prevention strategies and resources in higher education” at the UMatter2 Delaware Suicide Prevention in Higher Education Conference at the University of Delaware Tower at STAR (Science, Technology and Advanced Research) in October 2019. 

Martin Shell, MFA, professor of theater arts and chair of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts, and Salome Brooks, EdD, associate professor of physical therapy, presented a paper on how they used improvisation skills and actor training with graduate-level physical therapy students to help them develop a rapport in relationships with their clients. The paper was presented at the Mayo Clinic Symposium on Humanities in Medicine in Phoenix, Ariz., in October 2019.

Rhoda Smith, PhD, assistant professor of social work, presented “Research ethics in social work” at Social Work Research Week at Ariel University, Tel Aviv, Israel, in May 2019. She also co-presented “Using data to shed new light on policies and services for foster youth: Casey Foundation and expectant and parenting youth toolkit” at the Healthy Teen Network 40th Annual Conference in New Orleans, La., in October 2019. At the Healthy Teen conference, Smith also co-presented “Coaching young parents in foster care.”

Corrie S. Trattner, EdD, and Elizabeth R. McAnulty, OTD, faculty members in the Department of Occupational Therapy, co-presented  “Winter CAMP: College-based camp for transition-age youth with disabilities” and “Creating occupational therapy program proposals for community agencies” at the American Occupational Therapy Association Convention in New Orleans, La., in April 2019.

Lori VaughnLori Vaughn, (pictured) professor of occupational therapy and chair of the Department of Occupational Therapy, co-presented the following: “Learning by teaching: OT graduate research student partnership with high school STEM students: A pilot program;” “Expert panel discussion: Practical strategies for advancing online education in occupational therapy;” “H.E.L.P. camp: High school summer experience for future healthcare practitioners;” and “A Collaboration celebration: Implementing collaborative learning activities into any classroom,” all at the American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference in New Orleans, La., in April 2019. 

Joseph M. Wronka, PhD, professor of social work, presented “A Human rights based approached to multi-pronged interventions for the helping and health professions” at a conference of the International Consortium on Social Development in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in July 2019. He also gave the Aavo Rakfeldt Memorial Lecture on “Creating a Human Rights Culture: Implications for the Profession of Social Work” at Southern Connecticut State University in April 2019. Wronka presented a workshop titled, “Select human rights activism toward the creation of a human rights culture from the municipal to the international” at the 9th International Conference on Human Rights Education: Unleashing the Full Potential of Civil Society in Sydney, Australia, in November 2018. That same month, he presented “Teaching about countries’ constitutions to promote human rights values” at the 64th Council on Social Work Education annual program meeting Enhancing Interprofessional Education to Achieve Social Justice. Wronka went on a speaking tour in the Karnataka region of India in February 2018 and presented the following: “Toward the creation of a human rights culture: Implications of the United Nations Declaration on Principles for the Protection of Persons with Mental Illness and the Improvement of Mental Health Care” at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences; “What then shall we do? (Luke 3:10): Suggested social action strategies to create a socially just world” at Christ University; “Integrating human rights/social justice into business practices” at the Management Professional Group of Mangalore; “A multi-pronged approach to eradicate extreme poverty and promote well-being” at the Postgraduate Center for Social work, Mental Health, and Law; “Social work, social justice, and social action” at Manipal University School of Social Work; and “The Media as a force for social change and social justice” at  Manipal University School of Media Studies. He also gave the keynote address, “Human rights, social justice, diversity, and inclusion: Implications for advanced generalist practice” at the International Conference from Diversity to Inclusion: A Social Work Paradigm at Roshni Nilaya University, Mangalore, India, in February 2018. 

Sofija Zagarins, PhD, assistant professor of public health, co-presented “Athletic participation and self-identity are associated with improved mental health outcomes in undergraduate students” at the meeting of the Society for Epidemiologic Research in Minneapolis, Minn., in June 2019. Her co-presenters were Megan Harvey, PhD, assistant professor of health sciences, and Pamela Higgins, MS, MPH, CPH, associate professor of health sciences.

Grants and Sponsored Research

Julia Chevan, PhD, professor of physical therapy, was awarded a grant of $12,000 from the National Kathleen GreenAssociation of Chronic Disease Directors to develop a regional hub to promote the Arthritis Foundation Walk with Ease Program in August 2019.

Kathleen Green, PhD, (pictured) assistant professor of rehabilitation and disability studies and graduate program director for rehabilitation counseling, was awarded a five-year, $996,172 grant from the U.S. Department of Education. This Rehabilitation Service Administration Long-term Training Grant will partially support the tuition of up to 10 graduate students annually who will be enrolled in the Springfield College Rehabilitation Counseling Program to meet critical vocational rehabilitation service needs statewide and nationally.


James G. O’Brien, PhD, associate professor of physics and mathematics, and chair of the Department of Math, Physics, and Computer Science, was selected as a 40 Under 40 recipient for the State University of New York at New Paltz, his alma mater, in June 2019. This award is given every four years for significant career accomplishments. O’Brien was honored for his advancement in academia, as well as his lengthy publication recording theoretical and computational physics.

Appointments and Committees

Linda C. Davis-Delano, PhD, professor of physical education and director of educator preparation and licensure, was named to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Professional Licensure Design Team in September 2019. She represents institutions of higher education. The goal of the group is to leverage district and preparation partnerships to provide job-embedded, coaching-focused development and support to novice teachers. Such support deepens their practice, fulfills induction and mentoring requirements, and advances their licensure to professional all together.

Elizabeth Morgan, PhD, associate professor of psychology, assumed the elected role of president (two-year-term) of the International Society for Research on Identity at its May 2019 conference in Naples, Italy. She is the immediate past-president of the Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood in October 2019.


Simone Alter MuriSimone B. Alter-Muri, EdD, (pictured) professor of art therapy/counseling and art education, exhibited art glass installation at a juried exhibition at the Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven, Conn., in October 2019. She also exhibited her glass artwork, titled “Refugees: Post Historical Trauma Revisited” in an exhibit at the Barnes Gallery at Leverett Crafts & Arts in Leverett, Mass. 

Kyle R. Belanger, MA, (pictured interviewing Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Class of 2019 member Bobby Jones) instructor of communications, spent his fourth summer as the primary host of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame 60 Days of Summer interview series. Following the series, he was invited to be the primary media Kyle Belanger interviews Bobby Jonesvoice for interviews at the Hall of Fame 2019 Induction Celebration and Ring Ceremony in September 2019. His 30-minute, one-on-one interviews were conducted in front of a live audience with Hall of Fame members and current NBA and WNBA stars.

Justine Dymond, PhD, associate professor of English, was invited by The Resistance Center for Peace and Justice in Northampton, Mass. to serve as the facilitator for a panel discussion as part of the program “The inhumanity of detaining children: Homestead, migration, and borders” at Edwards Church in Northampton in July 2019. Panelists included Dina Friedman and Shel Horowitz, members of Western Massachusetts Jewish Activists for Immigration Justice; Javier Luengo-Garrido, immigrant protection project coordinator at the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts; and Laura Briggs, professor of women, gender, and sexuality studies at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

Anne Herzog, PhD, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences, and a team comprised of Allison Cumming-McCann, PhD, professor of counseling and counseling program director; Martin Dobrow, MA, professor of communications; and Felicia R. Lundquist, MEd, director of Multicultural Affairs, participated in “Diversity, Civility, and the Liberal Arts,” a Mellon Foundation-funded professional development opportunity at the Council of Independent Colleges Summer 2019 Institute in Atlanta, Ga., in June 2019. Springfield College was one of 25 schools selected for participation from the 80 applicant institutions. Beverly Daniel Tatum, president emerita of Spelman College, was the institute director.

Jessica Poser, MFA, EdD, assistant professor of art and community engagement and director of the William Blizard Gallery, presented the following art exhibitions in 2019: “More Light,” Bromfield Gallery, Boston, Mass., in September; “Sky Bowl” A3 Gallery, Amherst, Mass., in August; “Patterns of Influence,” The Painting Center, New York, N.Y. in July; “Composed to Decompose,” Unison Art Center, New Paltz, N.Y. in July; “Ligare: To Bind, Connect” The MAP Space, Easthampton, Mass., in June.

Rhoda Smith, PhD, assistant professor of social work, was selected as a research fellow and participated in the R21 Fellowship on Child Maltreatment Research in May 2019. This fellowship supports constructing research proposals for funding at the federal level.

Joseph M. Wronka, PhD, professor of social work, produced an episode on Amherst Media titled “Poverty in Western Massachusetts” for his show Creating a Human Rights Culture, with Miguel L. Arce, professor of social work, and Walter J. Mullin, PhD, professor of social work, in August 2019. Wronka featured Massachusetts Sen. Joanne M. Comerford in another episode titled “Implementing Human Rights in Western Massachusetts” in February 2019.

Media Appearances and Mentions

Gary Berte
Secret Service Partnership with Criminal Justice Program
6/7/19, Springfield Republican

Thomas Carty
Constitution Day
9/19/19, BusinessWest

Mary-Beth A. Cooper
U.S. News Ranking
9/9/19, Springfield Republican

Education and Leadership Luncheon
9/7/19, Springfield Republican

Move-in Day
8/30/19, Springfield Republican

Girls on the Run
6/2/19, WWLP TV 22

Daniel Cotter
Safety Training
7/12/19, Western Mass News

Allison Cumming-McCann
Rehabilitation Service Administration Long-term Training Grant 
10/7/19, BusinessWest

Laurel R. Davis-Delano
Impact of Native American Mascots on Native and Non-native People
3/4/19 and 5/9/19, Greenfield Recorder

Joel Dearing
Athletic Administration Leadership Series
10/4/19, Springfield Republican

Tracey Dexter Matthews 
Karpovich Lecture
10/16/19, Springfield Republican

Charlene Elvers
Earn-a-Bike Program
7/31/19, Springfield Republican

William Fisher
January Start Date for Graduate Social Work
10/3/19, Springfield Republican

Sue Guyer
Fit After Forty
10/30/19, Healthcare News

James Harnsberger
Rehabilitation Service Administration Long-term Training Grant 
10/7/19, BusinessWest

Brooke Hallowell
Students in Residence Program
9/17/19, Healthcare News

Global Rehabilitation Alliance
5/31/19, BusinessWest

Anne Herzog
Diversity, Civility, and Liberal Arts Institute
6/5/19, Springfield Republican

Calvin Hill
Neighborhood Block Party
8/16/19, WWLP TV 22

Christine Johnston
Fresh Check Day
10/9/19, Western Mass News

Stuart Jones
Optional SAT Scores
5/1/19, Springfield Republican

Regina Kaufman
Parkinson’s Foundation Distinguished Physical Therapy Faculty Program
6/7/19, Healthcare NewsFelicia Lundquist welcomes Project Search interns

Patrick Love
Student Affairs Drive-in Conference
10/18/19, Springfield Republican

Felicia Lundquist (pictured)
Project SEARCH
9/3/19, Springfield Republican

Kathleen Martin (pictured)
President’s Gala
10/26/19, WWLP TV 22Kathy Martin being interviewed by 22News

Charles Milch
Physician Assistant Perfect Pass Rate
7/5/19, Healthcare News

Walter Mullin
Post-master’s Certificate Program
8/15/19, Springfield Republican

LaTonia Naylor
AmeriCorps Funding
7/1/19, BusinessWest

Kimberly Nowakowski
Senior Athlete Fitness Exam
7/15/19, Healthcare News

Sue Nowlan
Wesley Hamilton Lecture
10/8/19, WWLP TV 22

Martha Potvin
Hiring Female Faculty 
06/25/19, Nature

Rhoda Smith
Peace Corps
5/15/19, Springfield Republican

Judy Van Raalte 
Humanics Triathlon
9/24/19, Springfield Republican

New Faculty

Dusko Bogdanov (pictured)Dusko Bogdanov
Instructor of Sport Management
Department of Sport Management and Recreation

Lisa Bromberg
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science

Sally Chamberland
Instructor of Biology
Department of Biology/Chemistry

Joshua Edwards
Assistant Professor of Counseling
Department of Counseling

Joy D. EricksonChristopher Gagne
Assistant Professor of Language Arts and Literacy
Department of Education

Alice Fiddian-Green
Assistant Professor of Health Education
Department of Physical Education and Health Education

Christopher Gagne (pictured)
Assistant Professor of Music
Department of Visual and Performing Arts

Frank J. Gallo
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Judith Herzberg (pictured)Judith Herzborg
Associate Professor of Human Services
Department of Human Services

Stephen A. Maris
Assistant Professor of Exercise Science
Department of Exercise Science and Athletic Training

Kathleen Mellano
Assistant Professor of Sport Psychology
Department of Exercise Science and Athletic Training

Deeksha Munjal
Assistant Professor of Business Management
Department of Business Management

Kari Taylor
Assistant Professor of Student Affairs Administration
Department of Psychology

Christy Tronnier (pictured)
Assistant Professor of Social Work
Department of Graduate Social Work

Juan Zhong
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Department of Psychology

Staff Appointments

Kristina Adamyan
Admissions Assistant
Enrollment Management

Janice Alexander
Administrative Associate
School of Physical Education, Performance, and Sport Leadership

Jana Allen
Administrative Associate
Division of Student Affairs

John Barnousky
Associate Director, Housing and Residence Life
Division of Student Affairs

Emily Berry
Community Director
Residence Life

Lea Bollenbach
Human Resources Partner
Human Resources

David Bond
Systems Analyst and Programmer
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Jenell Castro
Police Officer
Public Safety

Joseph Cherackal
Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach

Laurie Cirillo
Student Account Representative

Sasha Clapp
Assistant Director
Undergraduate Admissions

Jamie Conlon
Assistant Director, Employer Relations
Career Services

Cynthia Connors
Human Resources Clerk
Human Resources

Daniele Cozzi
Academic Advising/Transfer Coordinator
Academic Advising

Dorothy Cullity
Regional Campus Recruiter
Enrollment Management

Cassandra DaSilva
Administrative Coordinator
Office of the President

Timothy Davies
HVAC Technician
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Paul DeMaria
Facilities Management

Catherine Deroche
Facilities Management

Aaron Duffany
Facilities Management

Mackenzie Dunn
Outreach Reference Librarian
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Brandon Eckles
Coordinator of Media Relations for Athletics

Gary Enright
Associate Director
Counseling Center

Juan Escobar
Facilities Management

Christopher Evans
Producer and Director of Multimedia Content
Office of Communications

Megan Fabiano
Community Director
Residence Life

Jeremy Favreau
Associate Systems/Analyst Programmer
Information Technology Services

Liza Feldman
Certified Group Exercise Instructor
Campus Recreation

William Ferguson
Regional Campus Recruiter
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Tina Flanagan
Administrative Associate
Career Services

William Fournier
Media Specialist
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Elizabeth Gaudet
Senior Web Developer
Office of Communications

Sheri Gebo
Administrative Associate
Financial Aid

Adriana Gonzalez
Assistant Director for Recruitment and Outreach
Enrollment Management

Robert Gordon
Senior Assistant Director
Undergraduate Admissions

Keena Gravanda
Administrative Coordinator
Office of Academic Affairs and Provost

Lauren Gray
Clinical Coordinator
Counseling Center

Natalie Hamel
Certified Group Exercise Instructor
Campus Recreation

Michael Heffernan
Technical Support Analyst
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Alicia Hopkins
Reference Librarian
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Spencer Hoyt
Certified Group Exercise Instructor
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Dana Jenkins
Admissions Assistant
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Laurie Jolly
Facilities Management

Allyse Knox-Russell
Academic Success Coach
Regional Online Campuses

Mary Kober
Security Guard/Attendant
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Shroyria Kraus
Transcript Clerk
Registrar’s Office

Victoria Long
Institutional Research Analyst
Office of Academic Affairs and Provost

Andrew Manzi
Police Officer
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Shannon Mastrangelo
Admissions Assistant
Regional Online Campuses

Paige Moran
Academic Advisor
Academic Advising

Linda (Elle) Morgan
Vice President and General Counsel
Division of General Counsel

Kellie Murphy
Administrative Associate
School of Arts and Sciences

William Murphy
Facilities Management

Luke Nierenhausen
Police Officer
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Kellyann O’Brien
Assistant Director
Health Center

Kate Rodowicz
Admissions Assistant
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Saverio Rosato
Facilities Management

Jill Serafino
Assistant Women’s Soccer Coach
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Nancy Shepard-Murra
Facilities Management

Cameron Siciliano
Athletic Trainer
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Ryan Stephenson
Facilities Management

Dylan Sullivan
Police Officer
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Leanna Tamiso
Recruitment and Admissions Coordinator
School of Social Work and Behavioral Sciences

Eric Toole
Reference Librarian
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Jessica True
Library Research and Access Specialist
Library Services

Shannon Trybus
Police Officer
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Katerina Valentin
Community Involvement Liaison
Division of Inclusion and Community Engagement

William Wallin
Facilities Management

Cheryl Whalen
Certified Group Exercise Instructor
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