Code of Conduct (updated 1/14)

The Code of Conduct continues to address issues specifically related to COVID-19. Some changes outlined for the spring semester include:

  • A mask, which covers both the nose and mouth, must be worn in public areas (e.g. hallways, bathrooms, parking lots, classrooms, lounges) at all times and outside. 
  • Commuter students may not enter any housing space or residential building. 
  • Resident students may not have any guests on campus. A “guest” refers to any non-Springfield College person and commuter students.
  • Resident students may have campus visitors (no commuters) in their housing space based on the COVID Occupancy Limits (see table). Not adhering to these guidelines equates to a large social gathering.

Room Type

Visitors at a Time

Room Type

Visitors at a Time

1-Person Space

1 visitor - 2  total occupancy

2-Person Space

2 visitors - 4 total occupancy

3-Person Space/Suite-style housing

2 visitors - 5 total occupancy

4-Person Space/Suite-style housing

2 visitors - 6 total occupancy

5-Person Space/Suite-style housing

2 visitors - 7 total occupancy

6-Person Space/Suite-style housing

3 visitors - 9 total occupancy

7-Person Space/Suite-style housing

3 visitors - 10 total occupancy

8-Person Space/Suite-style housing

3 visitors - 11 total occupancy

The term "visitor" refers to any current residential Springfield College student present in a residential space not assigned to them. 

  • Weekly COVID testing is mandatory. 
  • If you are in supported isolation or quarantine, you must follow the guidelines outlined.

Sanctioning for COVID violations includes but is not limited to fines, reflection papers, a contact tracing exercise, loss of housing and co-curricular activities, and loss of face-to-face class privileges.

For a complete listing of all COVID policies and sanctions refer to the Student Handbook