Good afternoon,

Given a number of issues that have arisen, I felt it was important to send out a midweek update rather than wait until Monday.

Current Spike - We appear to be experiencing a post-long weekend increase in positive cases with 9 positive cases on Monday, 11 on Tuesday, and 6 on Wednesday. While it is a bit of a spike, so far it is not as large as the one following St. Patrick's Day. As of this morning we have 67 students in supportive housing (30% capacity).

Contact Tracing - I want to remind all students that is it vitally important that you are honest and forthcoming in sharing with the contact tracers all those with whom you have been in direct, prolonged contact. "Protecting" peers from having to go into quarantine is putting the community at risk of a wider spread of the virus.

J&J Vaccine - A number of students have received the J&J vaccine, and some have asked about the pause and if there is anything to be concerned about. What is known is that only 6 people out of almost 7,000,000 vaccines administered have experienced clotting. The FDA has paused, not cancelled, the distribution of this vaccine to gather more information. If you received the vaccine and experience a severe headache that does not go away, significant abdominal or leg pain that does not subside, or increasing shortness of breath, health officials want you to call your health care provider or the health center.

More Contagious Variants - The more contagious variants of the virus are circulating through the communities of Massachusetts, so it is even more important to be extra vigilant in following all COVID protocols to better ensure it does not spread widely on campus.

Seasonal Allergies or the Virus - Given that the symptoms of COVID can often be very mild, the question has been asked -- "How do I know if the symptoms I feel are the virus or my seasonal allergies?" While there are some symptoms that are similar (e.g., congestion, cough), if you experience body aches, headaches, or chills, you should take appropriate precautions and you should call the Health Center.

If you have any questions, please let us know! Again, keep up the good work. Overall, we are doing exceptionally well in managing the virus. Please help us all, and especially our seniors, make it to the end of the semester.


Patrick G. Love
Vice President for Student Affairs
Director, Student Affairs Administration graduate program
Springfield College

(he, him, his)
o: (413) 748-3100
c: (732) 543-4853
Twitter: @pglove33