This is the fifth email update and contains progress, changes and actions taken since the previous email (July 27, 2020). If there is no new information to report, that is noted below and readers are encouraged to review the archived emails online on the college's COVID-19 Webpage.


  • Academic Implementation Group (Chair - Mary Ann Coughlin):  About 1/3 of courses are currently slated to be held online. Classroom space is becoming more challenging, and more classes may need to move online. Academic Advising will take the lead on working with students to address any schedule changes, as some students have requested online courses entirely. Marshall anticipates finishing schedules the week of August 10. (updated since previous email)

  • Classroom Utilization and Preparation (Chairs - Marshall Bradway & Mary Ann Coughlin): See Academic Implementation Group (above) for information. (updated since previous email)

  • ROCE (Chairs - Mary Ann Coughlin & Elayne Harney): A decision has been made to move to virtual learning for campuses in Houston, Milwaukee, Tampa, and Wilmington due to both the situation in those areas and the student demographics (many are working in essential jobs). St. Johnsbury, Boston, & Springfield sites are still on for a limited number of F2F classes. Given the enrollment and needs of these students, most courses will be held virtually. (updated since previous email)

  • Academic Spaces Planning Group (Chairs - Andrea Taupier & Mary Ann Coughlin): The 24 hour study space in the Learning Commons is being expanded, and security cameras are being added for additional safety. Each group study room will be limited to 2 people. Weiser, Schoo-Bemis, and Learning Commons computer labs have been reconfigured by the IT team to address capacities and distancing. (updated since previous email)

Co-Curricular Experience

  • Co-Curricular Implementation Group (Chair - Patrick Love):  A subgroup has been established to review activity protocols and checklists. Shuttle service is being investigated. (updated since previous email)

  • Guests and Visitors (Chairs - Mary DeAngelo & David McMahon):  The expanded leadership team (PLT+) has reviewed the policies for guests and visitors and their recommendations are being made. Guests/visitors will need to comply with all guidance set by the State, including travel from high-risk states. (updated since previous email)

  • Athletics Resocialization and Return to Competition (ARRC) Working Group (Chair - Craig Poisson): Fall sports have had all competitions cancelled. Fall sports will be permitted to practice within restrictions. Fall athletes will be moving in with the rest of the student body (exception: women’s volleyball). (updated since previous email)

  • Deepening Student Engagement (Chair - Brianna Kirk): A Welcome Home video from faculty and staff is being created in conjunction with marketing. Two “COVID Conversations” will address the intersectionality of the virus and identities (First Generation and LGBTQ+) and how the upcoming school year will look for them. (updated since previous email)

  • Transportation (new) (Chair - Sue Nowlan):  The mobility shuttle will be operational under new distancing and enhanced cleaning guidelines.  John Mailhot will be working with Chief Leary on creating a student escort team to replace the Pride Ride. (updated since previous email)

General Groups (pertain to both academics and co-curricular)

  • Tents (Chair - Patrick Love): Tents are being installed in the following locations: Towne Health Center, Lot 10 (PE Parking and Storage), Health Sciences, AdminGreen, and Stagg Field Grass starting on August 11th. (updated since previous email)

  • Barriers (Chair - Kevin Roy): Installation of the barriers and signage is continuing, with additional issues and locations being identified and addressed as they are identified. (nothing new to report)

  • International (Chair - Deb Alm): Fewer international students may be on campus this fall than anticipated due to travel restrictions. Deb and Heather St. Germaine are actively obtaining travel information from international students. Dates are changing rapidly and students are struggling to get flights. (updated since previous email)

  • Public Health Implementation Group (Chairs - Kathleen Hogan-Soltys & Christine Johnston): Contact tracing plans are being developed with best practice guidance from DPH. We will be using Maxient to assist with contact tracing data management. Hiring students is ongoing, including an hourly grad student. PPE is being ordered. A testing contract with Broad Institute has been signed. A contract with CoVerified to manage the data has been signed. (updated since previous email)

  • Rapid Response Team (Chair - Sue Nowlan): A tabletop exercise to work through case scenarios is planned for August 12. (updated since previous email)


  • Springfield College Connect (Chair - Patrick Love): Next issue scheduled to be released August 18. (updated since previous email)

  • Student Communications Group (Chair - Julie Koivisto): The committee is actively working on the “Protect the Pride” campaign. (updated since previous email)

Thank you for taking the time to read through the updates and supporting documents. If you have questions or would like additional information, please email

Patrick Love, Vice President of Student Affairs
Mary Ann Coughlin, Senior Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs