Dear Students,

It is wonderful to welcome new students to our beautiful campus and to have our returning students back with us. We have missed you! We have worked very hard during the past five months to make this return happen and I really appreciate the cooperation thus far with mask wearing, social distancing, and testing. However, all the planning, all the signage, all the plexiglass, all the tents, and all the changes we have made to make our campus as safe as possible will be wasted if a few students decide to put the community in danger by having large parties.

Students who do not take COVID seriously put both themselves and the entire community at risk. If we are forced to pivot to remote learning, EVERYONE pivots to remote learning. Everyone goes home to take classes in their bedrooms for the rest of the semester. You don't want that. We don't want that.

So, I am writing to provide fair warning that any student hosting or attending a large party or social gathering (on or off campus) will be suspended from Springfield College. [Note: I am not talking about Springfield College sponsored events.] You will not be able to take classes in-person or remotely and will receive no refunds for tuition, room, or board. If a student club, organization, or team hosts such an event, that organization will be suspended, and college recognition withdrawn for the entire academic year. 

If you have observed students willfully violating our new safety guidelines or are aware of large parties occurring, please email the information to

Working on a college campus with no students is not an enjoyable experience, and every student I have spoken to in the last several days is so happy to be back on campus. I want us to be able to remain on campus throughout the fall semester. Let's work together to best ensure that we are protecting our community.

Thank you for your cooperation with this challenge!



Patrick G. Love
Vice President for Student Affairs
Director, Student Affairs Administration graduate program
Springfield College