Dear Springfield College Community,

We are pleased to provide you with some information about obtaining high quality masks at our main Springfield campus. We strongly encourage wearing of N95, KN95, or KF94 masks in the classroom and any other crowded setting because they provide a higher level of protection than a cloth or surgical mask.   

To pick up a free KN95 mask on campus:

  • Students may pick up a mask at the front desk of the Campus Union, main floor information desk at the Learning Commons, and the check-in desk at the Wellness Center.

  • Faculty can obtain masks for their own use and to distribute to students in class via Academic Department Offices (including at the Brennan Center).

  • Staff can obtain masks from the above locations as well as from HR.

Proper mask care:

Unlike surgical masks, N95 / KN95 / KF94 masks may be worn multiple times, although the number of times it can be reused depends on factors related to use such as time spent in the mask and risk of exposure. There is no single rule for how often a mask can be reworn, but this article provides helpful tips. 

  1. Do not bend, get wet, or otherwise damage the mask

  2. Allow mask to dry thoroughly between uses (in a paper bag is best)

  3. Handle only the straps and wear straps behind the head

  4. Watch this 2-minute video from Emory University for more mask care tips 

Alternative Acceptable Masks:

If you do not have a N95 / KN95 / KF94 mask available, wearing a surgical mask that fits snugly is reasonable. A cloth mask on top of a surgical mask can help to close gaps and create a snug fit. Cloth masks should not be worn alone. (Note: N95 / KN95 / KF94 masks should not be layered with other masks.) A mask must completely cover your nose and mouth and should fit snugly against the sides of your face without any gaps. Mask fit and construction are crucial to blocking the airborne-spread COVID virus particles.  

Even with proper masking, continue to engage in social distancing by remaining at least three feet apart in classrooms and other indoor spaces.

The College’s vaccination, mask, and testing policies are vital components of our strategy to keep everyone safe and mitigate the spread of the virus. Be sure to visit our College COVID webpage for all updates in case numbers, policies, and more. Thank you for doing your part!

Slandie Dieujuste, PhD
Vice President for Student Affairs

Elizabeth Morgan, PhD
Interim Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs